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PALM LAKES - 'Desert Love' | A single review

A sweeping rush of Synths and power vocals blend to create a feast for the ears in a stellar follow up to their much acclaimed previous single 'Nothing to me' which deserved all the plaudits if even for that amazing video alone!

They continue on their quest to provide you with the soundtrack to an endless summer with another song worthy of any discerning playlist curator. 'Desert Love'

UK born Taiwan residing duo Ian & Tim Hardwick deliver an epic follow up to their last single by taking on that Retrowave sound that we undoubtedly love and marrying it with that sense of adventure we find somewhere deep down in all of us.

It oozes style and moxie taking you on an epic journey to warm tropical shores. Featuring special guest Paul Dymott on lead guitar, its sews the track together beautifully embellishing a soaring vocal treat provided by both brothers throughout.

Make no mistake, 2020 for all its failings has given us a wealth of tracks, EP's & LP's and if nothing has helped propel the Retro style into the consciousness of those near and far.

This track will no doubt be counted as some of this years best by a neon mile so do yourselves a favour and stream it, we could all do with a little bit of escapism, right?

Score: 9.0/10.0

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