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OMEGAGON - 'GOTHIKA' | A Single Review

Omegagon bolts straight out of the traps with this absolute stormer of a track ‘Gothika’

It’s balls to the wall Synth that wouldn’t feel out of place played in a Cyberpunk club as you stomp to the dance floor being high fived by Cyborgs.

From 5 seconds in the thumping Bass casts a shadow over your eardrums much like a dominant Master in a dimly lit hallway. You’re sure beyond reasonable doubt even at that early point that you’re about to get served and in the best possible way!

Watch here:

In May 2019 we were treated to his first full Length Album ‘Aether Realm’ and I wouldn’t be at all surprised for this track to have made it onto another album equally as tasty by at best year end or let’s face it may be the first quarter of 2021.

I fully expect to hear this track being cast much like an aural flamethrower around the event spaces people are yearning to attend next year bathed in strobe lights and perspiration throwing themselves around in wild abandon and I for one can’t wait!

Buy here:

Score: 9.5/10

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