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NINA - Carnival Night | A Review - New Single

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Dark, haunting & melodic, this conceptual track by NINA is a certain departure from previous releases into a soundscape that many will no doubt be enthralled by.

She sheds her neon synth skin slowly before our very eyes and strides forward taking us on a journey of sonic soundscapes that are equal in atmosphere and intent.

They say to stand still is to fall backwards and this 3 track EP of which 'Carnival Night' is the titular track belongs will no doubt test the most ardent Nina fan but I for one applaud her bravery in listening to what her soul knows she can create and presenting it on a plate for all to hear.

The track 'Carnival Night' takes the listener on a veritable journey, the longing for freedom and the means to want to escape. Indeed her own interpretation of the track is somewhat in agreeance where she says,

"The song is about letting go and being free in a wild, dizzying, spellbinding dream world—Carnival Night. Coming up with the theme and creating this track was the perfect way to emotionally escape the confines of the pandemic; we wanted to create a world and get lost in it."'

Ninas ethereal signature vocal punctuates the haunting sounds throughout culminating in a dramatic, surprising and soul cleansing chant married with the dramatic dark riffs of the singles co-creator and Synth Stalwart himself, Radio wolf.

It's engaging, a reverie for the Synth ages and a faculty of re-imagination set to music,

More please......

“Carnival Night” By NINA Written by N. Boldt / O. Blair Produced & mixed by Radio Wolf Mastered by Robert Harder Artwork Cover Design by Pure Eye Arts

Photo by Vizualography

- ᒪIᑎKᔕ -





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