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NEW ARCADES - 'Say you feel the Same' | A Single Review

It’s fair to say that this is an effervescent little Synth pop number by New Arcades and it does much to cement what has been a fantastic year of releases for the Synth pop Duo from London.

Released on the 6th November this nostalgic feel good pop sound is born from the current world climate and the events surrounding it.

Speaking about the release itself New Arcades say:

“Given the current climate, lockdown, lack of being able to see all those friends and family as much, it felt like something we all need, an escape, to get away, find space. With the general feeling of anxiety, it’s common that you’d want to alleviate it by some form of escaping or running away, so this is the basis of the songs story. We envisioned it as a romance in a cinematic/filmic style. Two people escaping together aided by the melancholic/emotional undertones in some parts of the song, whilst also being inclusive of those people who might suffer with anxieties, stress, worry, loneliness, or who feel overwhelmed and a need to escape”

Preferring the DIY approach to pretty much all of their tracks it is this organic method that has helped them achieve the success they’ve had to date from their Lyrics to melodies and onto their sublime vocals.

I’ve fallen in love with this track and you guys will to…

Buy Here:

Score: 10.0/10.0

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