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NEW ARCADES - 'Excuses' | A Single Review

Anytime New Arcades release a track I exhale, to me they're a breath of fresh air and offer consistency in a world gone mad let's face it. Their brand of retro Synth pop never fails to ignite and the new track 'Excuses' is no exception.

I offer no excuses myself (see what I did there?) in how lax I've been in bringing you my thoughts on this shiny new cyan gem from the gents seeing as it's been out since September but hey better late than never right?...right?

New Arcades are a London based, electronic music duo consisting of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan have been on the scene since 2014 and have more than assured themselves as being one of the UK's more prominent Retro Synth Bands putting out various singles and E.P's with the end of 2019 seeing the release of their debut album, “Returning Home” which was hugely well received.

2020 has seen the guys prepare some fantastic tracks for the anticipated follow up to their last album one of which is 'Excuses'. The track itself is soft served synth in the best possible way and a deserving track to adorn your Synth pop playlists. Those who know New Arcades are aware that their tracks are atmospheric and packed with melody and this is no different!

2020 has seen new songs “Yours”, “Together Again” and now “Excuses” from the Gents and judging on these tracks alone the 2nd Album will be just as enjoyable as the first.

Buy here:

Score: 9.0/10.0

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