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NeverMann - 'All For U' | Music Video Spotlight

I fell in love with Nevermann's music back when 'Cherry Baby' shimmied into our sights back in March 2018 and his sound has been part of my Synth scapes ever since.

Please enjoy this awesome music video to his new Single 'All For U'

NeverMann is the musical alter-ego of Swedish composer David Clausson and producer Rickard Bonde Truumeel. They both set out to make music based on the major influences from the 80's and 90's and fuse it with a modern production.

Their influences are counted anywhere from George Michael to The Midnight so its not hard to understand where they get such an infectious sound. I hope to grab an interview with Nevermann in the very near future but in the meantime please consider supporting the artist via the links below:

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