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MEGATRONIX - 'Notorious' | A Single Review

High Octane, fist pumping, nerve shredding Synth rock!

Obvious Stranger Things opener aside this is a melody delivered to you on the back of a neon speeding runaway Freight train, you’re either on board or you get out of the god damn way!

I must admit I’m late to the game with this track having being released in July but such is the sensory overload of synth tracks that have been released to date this year you’d overlook gems like this at your peril!

This track has it’s boots up on your table and in your face and you can do nothing about it. It is its wild abandon that grabs a hold of you. The rush of guitar that serves as a back drop to this track gives me all the Iron Maiden circa Donnington ’88 vibes with a twist of Synth.

There’s no denying the fact that the term ‘POWERWAVE’ was in essence coined for these gents and its thoroughly earned. Rob Bradley's vocal is delivered with such clarity it makes it an enjoyable track to listen to and with Robbie Whiplash's guitar engaged it's fair to say that any socks you maybe wearing may be blown clean off.

Don’t play it for your dog he’ll turn into a wolf. Play it for yourself and watch your coolness factor increase exponentially!

Score: 9.0/10.0

Buy/Listen here:

Of course its already served piping hot to all your devices via your preferred streaming service.

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