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Full disclosure, MEGATRONIX are signed to TW1 Records who I used to be affiliated with. Regardless of whom I’m musically tethered to in this rather incestuous scene at times great music is great music and where I can I shall always give it a platform.

This band are no stranger to Forged in Neon over its tenure and I do have an innate love for their craft but in this review, I lay it down. Sometimes the fans are more critical than the critics themselves but you have to hand it to an Artist or band that strives to be better than their last EP or Album and it’s that do or die attitude that prevails every damn time.

The #Powerwave mantle has become synonymous with this duo, coined by their fans they certainly live up to the moniker with a synth metal combo that’s akin to blunt force trauma to the face. And do they care? Hell no. The confidence in stage presence matched with the twisted sweet energy of their musicianship adds that extra dimension matched only maybe by the likes of Dance with the Dead and the insanely talented Streetcleaner.

Today we go for a walk around their next release ‘Limit breaker’. We take it track by ear bleeding track below, is it enough to make you want to part with your cash? Let’s find out shall we……


There can be only one

Yes, you read the title and you’re right. Highlanderesque name aside, swords are drawn as they lay down the law according to Megatronix with this solid opener. The usual drums and guitars combine in a vortex of melody but the intriguing aspect of this track is not the sub machine gun drum solos or the crashing Metallica like guitars that envelope it but the beautiful serene piano break 2 minutes 45 seconds in which is as refreshing as a cool breeze from the glorious mania set to music that we've been fed till now. It also shows just how vocally present and powerful Rob as lead actually is, he’s not called Power Rob for nothing I guess eh? Lights out folks, curtains up….


Those that follow this band will have heard this track and formed an opinion on it long before you’ve ever read this review. With that being said I did make it known to the band that I felt this had no place on the EP having already been washing around in the ether for quite awhile before it found his home here. Nevertheless, opinions on where it should reside pale into insignificance when you listen to its absolutely majesty.

If you’re talking to other fans there is a general divide as to what their seminal track actually is, whether it be Notorious, I fight time, Maverick Hunter etc. Not a bad position for a band to be in but I’m still of the belief that this track served better being a lone Synth metal single release but second helpings are usually welcome when you’re hungry enough! Dig in...

Final Flash

I sincerely hope that EP makes enough loot to cover the amount of surgery bills they’d have to pay for melting faces clean off with the opening alone. The narrative of this track and its pace it’s not unlike something you’d hear in the background as your favourite Screen Hero is whipping ass all round him/her in an effort to get to their lost love. Its pedal to the metal for this one, play it loud in your car and await the penalty points for speeding, no one said the trade off was fair!

Fight to Survive

A track crammed to the brim with empowerment. It’s musical whey protein for your synth muscles and will please the fans undoubtedly.

No easy way out

I don’t think they could have closed this EP out with anything other than this sublime cover of Robert Tepper’s ‘No easy way out’ from the soundtrack of Rocky IV. And much like the metaphor for their partnership and this EP I’m reminded of a Rocky IV quote “Going in one more round when you don't think you can—that's what makes all the difference in your life”

All in all, a 'rock'-solid EP with some firm favourites the fans will love. It stacks up with other releases and there’s some sure-fire crowd pleasers that’ll no doubt grease the tour wheels this fall.


Megatronix is a synthwave | power metal band from Baltimore, MD that started in 2018 and consists of Power Rob on Vocals & Lyrics and Dark Rob on Guitar, Drums and production

This Album Limit Breaker will be available for download/purchase on the 6th August via the following link:

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