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MAGNAVOLT - 'Beyond Darkness' | An Interview


Now that I have your attention let me talk to you about 'MAGNAVOLT'. Sure the superlatives above go a long way to describing the narrative of some of his Video and track releases but with all the sleaze and NSFW content he produces he is in my opinion one of the premium Dark Synth content creators out there and I'd have him no other way!

The name Magnavolt is of course to anyone who is a fan of Noire-esque Sci-Fi Action is from an automobile security product advertised during 'Mediabreak' which was a Detroit Area news program on Channel 9 and part of the movie ' 'ROBOCOP'


A Darksynth music producer from Sweden, he grew up in an environment steeped in the sounds of the 80's and can thank his parents for instilling in him a genuine appreciation of music and the complexities behind how such tracks are created having gone on record mentioning that his Father taught him the basics of sound design no less. Parenting done right!

Sweden has become a literal hot bed for Synthwave Music Producers but none like Magnavolt. With his creepy charisma and a Social Media presence that greases the wheels of his narrative perfectly, he continues infecting us all, twisting our minds with his surreal sounds and thumping beats.

Forged in Neon stole some moments of his time to try and understand the man behind the mask, did we accomplish this? ..Well let's get into it and find out! Shall we?


Hey thank you so much for sharing your time with Forged today and Congratulations on the 'I

AM VENGENCE' Album, it’s an absolute stormer, obviously there have been 2 tracks since it's release, given all of that how was 2020 for you as an Artist?

I think everyone can relate to this when I say 2020 was a bit of a shit storm for everyone

including myself. A lot of things happened that just shouldn't of happened, but I guess when it comes to my personal life as an artist without going into detail some of the explosive events

that went down for me in the first half of the year fuelled a lot of my inspiration for the album.

So if I'm honest & 'I AM VENGEANCE' was an outlet of sorts for me.

How did you come up with the name Magnavolt?

The word Magnavolt itself actually originates from Robocop 2, I'm a big fan of movies from the 80's and early 90's. I wanted something that symbolised me and felt strong when I heard it, this name took root with me and somehow stuck.

It’s fair to say you started out more in the Dream-wave spectrum and anyone who hears your

music to date will know you did an absolute 180 and are producing some of the heaviest dark synth tracks out there. What was your reasoning behind flipping genres?

In the early days it was easy to get sucked into clicks of people and artists. This was how I

found myself trapped in the same routine and the same dreamwave circles. I realised that this was becoming a toxic environment, constantly creating to a set of invisible rules that truly just wasn't me.

I basically got tired of not being myself so I decided to break away and start becoming more of the artist that I know I am and had always wanted to be. It cost me a load of people and connections but I don't want to roll with a crowd that's going nowhere or in those circles anymore. If that meant I had to stand alone to do that then that's what I was gonna do.

Sex sells, let’s be honest with ourselves and anyone who follows your socials get a face full of it Ha-Ha, have you received any back lash from fans or others with respect to the hyper-

sexualisation of your music videos?

I like explicit content, I mean if we're honest with ourselves who doesn't? I've actually had a

really good response online for some of the content and collaborations I've worked on.

Model: @razorrazorredd

Speaking of which, you’re on record as suggesting your taking on another platform with

Magnavolt in ’Only fans’ marketing wise it may very well be a genius move, tell us what you’d

like to achieve in making such a switch? Are you also appearing in these videos?

Only fans is a platform where almost anything goes. Most of what I've got planned and is

currently in the works for this content wise is ultra top secret, but I can tell you that its

going to give a whole new side to my music, one without the boundaries of the more popular

social media platforms. Whether or not me or the characters of the universe I've created around my music will make an appearance is something your just going to have to wait and


Model: @razorrazorredd

Who have been your musical inspirations growing up? I imagine that has changed a little over time?

Even though I started off in the Dream-wave genre I never actually listened to much to this.

Even growing up I was always about the heavy side of music, genres with more attitude like Heavy Metal, Electro, some Techno and Hip Hop. Artists like Daft Punk, Metallica, Nu-Metal

bands like Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and Papa Roach were always top of my playlists.

Possibly putting you on the spot but what would you say is the most favourite track in your

entire discography? Why?

This is an easy answer definitely 'Senshi'. This track is a big part of the character and world I've built around my music. 'Senshi' means warrior in Japanese and I really think that this track has the best connection to the universe around my character that is the basis of my music.

What has been the advice that you’ve been given that has always stuck with you?

Staying true to myself is the best advice I've ever had, without this I wouldn't have pushed

this far and achieved what I have already. Hopefully this will push me to keep achieving the

goals I want to reach.

What is the one guilty pleasure you cannot live without?

Playing with my Cat.

We’re over here listening to Magnavolt obviously but who are you listening to currently?

I'm a big fan of Rezz and Malaa, I often hit up Fluke, Power Glove, Skrillex, 1788-L. Also like to switch it up with some Alex and Perturbator. These are all currently top of my playlists.

Any plans to do gigs once the event situation gets back to some sort of normalcy?

I've definitely got some plans to get more involved in live performance. Obviously with the

current situation across the world live gigs are a bit difficult however I do have plans to begin

live streaming on platforms such as Twitch and possibly YouTube.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

This is quite a tough question and for me it's actually pretty hard to say. What I can say is my

music and creating it is definitely a big part of me, just feels wrong not to be creating and

using sound to do that. I'm quite a solitary person I can get lost for hours sometimes even

days in my studio just working on music, you could probably say this is where I'm most

happiest. For me its a good feeling once I'm caught in a creative flow, when I catch it I don't

really want stop.

Can you tell us about any current or future projects in the pipeline?

I'm excited to start getting involved in the live performance side of things, I think streaming live shows is going to play a big part in my future projects. I'm quite secretive

about future releases and projects but I can tell you that things are going to get a lot heavier,

aggressive and way more personal. I've got a bunch of collaborations with some new faces in

the works. My next release that I can tell you about is the Deluxe Edition of & 'I AM

VENGEANCE' which will feature extra and extended tracks including a Remix from Eqwillus.

Message to your fans?

Shit's gonna get real......Get ready!


Please consider supporting MAGNAVOLT via the links below - YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!






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