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Lebrock - 'Interstellar' | An Interview

The "retro cinematic experience" that is Lebrock blasted onto our Synth grids live and in glorious technicolour with their first independent release 'Action & Romance' EP back in 2016. This was such a fantastic debut that it set the stage for the duo from Peterborough to ascend skywards with their pulsating blend of melodic synth rock.

What followed is widely regarded as their seminal album 'The Real thing' in 2018 heralded by both Critics and fans alike. They're nothing if not consistent in striving to keep their self styled retro cinematic experience fresh for the fans. Touring extensively, even pairing with the Synth Metal Duo 'Dance with the Dead' for a hugely successful tour back in 2019/20, this charismatic duo show no signs of slowing down.

Lebrock consisting of Vocal & Lyrics by Shaun Phillips and Guitar Synths and Programming done by Michael Meadows have another big album planned to drop any week now to the delight of their fans.

Forged caught up with Le Brock's Shaun Phillips to chat about all things band related, take a look!


Thank you very much for sharing your time with Forged today, 2020 has been a bitch of a year it has to be said. You guys live for gigs but you have been busy nonetheless with the new album, when can we expect that to drop?

Hi Ash, we were lucky to tour just before the lockdown. Most shows were sold out so we had a great time. Been a bit longer between tours but we needed to finish the album. Taken nearly three years which is pretty long , even for us but we ex-etc it to be out this summer if all goes to plan.

How hard was it to do given the social strata we find ourselves in now?

It's not been too hard for us actually, more getting mixing and mastering done has taken us a lot of time due to the pandemic.

Tell us a little about your creative processes, how long does it take for you to lay down a track?

We take ages to get it sorted when doing it remotely as I feel we are both perfectionists and even the smallest detail can make us go back to the start.

Are you each involved in all aspects ​or are there little jobs that you each do better?

Michael is the main brains of the operation and I deal exclusively with lyrics.

Of course, you’re now signed to FIXT Neon what are they like to work with?

James and the guys are really good, responsive and eager which is great to use their enthusiasm as well as our own.

Tell us a little about the Le Brock back story, how did it all happen?

We got listening to Dance With The Dead after I toured with Tony in a previous band. From there, as you know, you get in the Synthwave wormhole and find all sorts of gems like FM Attack, Carpenter Brut and Actrazer and you find your own sound. That's the idea anyway. I think we wanted to stand out and not play the generic 80s action movie stuff. Vocals really help too.

You’re on record as suggesting that the band at its heart is a “Retro Cinematic Experience” can we expect more of that quintessential Le Brock sound on the new album or have you switched things up even slightly?

Yeah that's a good question, it's definitely delving into cinematic sounds but we have concentrated on every song being a mood and being different. Like mini movie soundtracks I guess.

What would you both say are the most distinctive aspects of the music you create?

I think lyrically I personally want to make it believable. I try not to write about things that I haven't felt or experienced in some way. Musically we like to be dynamic enough that it's not too repetitive or monotonous.

Of course, you’ve done a successful tour with the awesome Dance with the Dead, I’d imagine once normality is restored, you’ll be back on the road, how much have you missed it?

It's not been too bad, we don't rely on touring too much a think we both did a lot when we were younger. I'm sure we will tour to promote the album though.

If there was one thing you would change about the music industry what would it be? Why?

I think the music industry has just got the kick up it's arse it needed through the pandemic. I'm hoping , as it has shown in the past, that with great tragedy, social upheaval and trauma will come inspiration and creativity to produce better music. I hope this can happen. And it can be more about music, creativity than how you look, your bank balance and your ego.

Photo Credit: Christophe Garin

Of your entire discography to date what is the one track you’re most proud of? Why?

Interstellar- it's just a cool song to perform and listen to. Has heart.

Who are you both listening to at the moment?

I'm listening to a lot of Giallo Disco, dark and moody Synthwave as well as Android Automatic. I literally do listen to bout 5 hours of music a day now I'm locked down.

Michael is a fan of Deadlife and A lot of movie soundtracks, that's how we got started.

Actress in this Video is a prolific Vegas Artist by the name of Heather Hermann

I’d imagine you Shaun listening to a shed load more than usual given your now legendary Synth Raves. I have to say that the Le Brock downs are giving the community life right now…no pressure!

They are fun, as you can see every week, I'm a fan of this style of music, not just an artist trying to make a name in an emerging scene. The fans of this music scene are brilliant and if I can give them something back I will. Think the shows have proved that.

What can we expect from Le Brock for the remainder of 2021 into 2022?

We have a big next three months preparing for the album then a possible tour by end of the year but that's all based on the situation.

Any future projects you’re excited about that you’d like to share?

They are top secret but will be a couple of things we have never done before.

What do you both reckon has been some of the more cherished memories of your career to date?

Selling out headline shows and touring Europe. Also having three of our songs smash 1 then 2 million plays. Can't believe that.

A message to your fans?

Be patient with us, we have something special coming soon. Keep positive and talk to each other. Stay safe


Please consider supporting Lebrock via the links below | YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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