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Lau - 'Stunning' | A Single Review

Coming as it does from the outstanding creative mind of Ms. Laura (Lau) Fares. I shouldn't have been at all surprised at how truly fantastic this track is.

Those of you tethered to the Synth scene in some form or another would undoubtedly know Lau as one half of the Synth pairing we know & love as 'Nina'. This track stamps a big Neon mark on the scene and catapults Lau to the front stage, a place she'll no doubt feel at home.

This truly remarkable single resonates lyrically and wraps the heartache in a box and shelves it. I guess there's more to life than dwelling on a lost love, we've all been there! Lau chooses to do this cruising down a palm lined boulevard at speed with the wind in her hair and at the risk of sounding cliché, YOU GO GIRL!

Full release sprints out the gate on the 26th June but the track is available to listen to on Bandcamp RIGHT NOW!

Go support Lau via the following links:




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