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L'Avenue - 'Feel time fade' | Single of the week and review

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

If you close your eyes and listen to this track it’s the Synthwave equivalent of floating in a Sensory Deprivation tank. You practically feel time fade listening to it as the voice commands you do yet in a strange twist of irony you want the sense of reverie it gives you on repeat.

I’ve never encountered a track of this quality that simply surrounds you in its majesty. It’s quite a ways darker than other offerings by L’Avenue for sure but somehow in letting its darkness chase a shadow from your feet up and infiltrate your mind & senses you feel at peace. The sun has gone, it’s disappeared, it’s just you alone in the shadows.

It breathes and pulsates, it chills and by 2:11 min in you have no choice but to let the track take you away, a sharp intake of breath as you close your eyes and let your imagination soar, floating ethereally through the darkest hours before dawn.

I imagine the narrative of this track is the perfect dichotomy between Night and Day, it tells a story of such cinematic quality and by 3:23 mins you can almost imagine the warm sun rising slowly from the horizon as a new day stretches over the bay.

You could build entire colonies on the foundations of its earth shuddering bass and if this is a sign of new things to come from L’Avenue then I push every single chip I have in front of me to the center of the poker table because I’m all in.

Incredible work from an incredible artist,

I’ve simply nothing more to say than listen to it and judge for yourself,

It’s as practically perfect as you’re going to get and solidifies my faith in that this genre has the best musicians the world has to offer,

Waste no time in buying this track released today:

Score: 10/10


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