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L A Z E R L V S T | 'We Know Who You Are' - Single Review

Admittedly late to the plate on this one as it dropped midway through November. With so much to shift through I guess being late to a party is better than not showing at all right?

Now, this..this is definitely not what most would consider a typical single. 'We Know Who You Are' is a slow turning, introspective track that carries upon it a series of converging news reports and monologs referencing the worlds issues (from what I could make out). A strange choice for a single but no less enjoyable.

Lazerlvst has consistently been one of the best producers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to so my understanding of his body of work is a little deeper (go to his bandcamp, 40% off his whole discography) and with that understanding I can really appreciate the change of pace with this track.

I found myself trying to zone in on the overlapping voices, to try and catch what they were saying but, in an amusing fashion, the song itself is like an observation on how all the worlds bad news (nearly always conveyed by emotionless televised reporting) is slowly becoming an indiscernible cloak of white noise that becomes completely insignificant the more the news cycle churns out its perpetual dross depressing rhetoric. This overload of fear and anxiety eventually becomes counterproductive to its purpose to inform and inspire change as we all subconsciously reject the noisy din in the background. There is a very clever message of hopelessness captured in this song that I so thoroughly valued over many listens.

Please go and give Lazerlvst all your attention!


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