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KAVINSKY | 'Renegade' - Track review

Kavinsky finally steps out from the cool neon shadows after an 8-year absence and gives us some future funk with a deft French touch in ‘Renegade’.

With vocals provided by Joshua Karpeh professionally known as ‘Cautious Clay’ from Cleveland his vocal sits right in the pocket of what to me is a glorious return to the arena for Kavinsky.

Of course, I was a vehement fan of his earlier works and eagerly awaited this new single with as much anticipation as a child at Christmas. It was never going to be ‘Synthwave’ however and to be fair I’m more than alright with that.

The track itself is a collaborative effort with Victor Le Masne formerly of Housse De Racket and now producing and writing music for a ton of Artists to include Justice’s Gaspard Augé who also has some producing credit here. Produced in Motorbass Studio, Paris.

Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé Picture Credit:

Those lamenting the fact that Kavinsky didn’t release a Nightcall 2.0 would do well to realise that he himself was at odds with the whole genre following greater mainstream recognition after his track ‘Nightcall’ was featured in the movie ‘Drive’ with Ryan Gosling back in 2011. A legion of fans sentimentally attached themselves to the movie and the sense and feeling that the soundtrack invoked which undoubtedly gave rise to immense pressure to repeat this surprising success.

Whilst I understand and recognise an Artists right to evolve beyond the ties that bind them to their original foray to the scene, he should be richly applauded for pursuing his own unique truth in the music he creates.

Pure unadulterated rhythm and cinematic reverie combine to make this [Renegade] an absolute triumph of a track and whilst people will draw comparisons to The Weeknds works of the last while would do well do understand that he to collaborated with Kavinsky on ‘Odd look’ back in 2013 so it was written in the stars.

The single ‘Renegade’ will feature on Kavinsky’s new album ‘REBORN’ which is the anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Outrun’ released back in 2013.

The single itself is out now on all digital platforms and the fantastic video is posted below

The lore of the Zombie Driver turned renegade continues…


Link to listen/buy here:

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