Say what you like about the Groundhog-esque sensory overload that was this year but few people sought to challenge the pervading sense of doom and foreboding by punching a light of hope through the narrative.

Step forward L.A born visual creator and all round good egg Jonathan Belle. Rising as he did from his own Fortress of Solitude he went on a mission to deliver his own brand of positive messaging through the power of knowledge and creativity and swiftly became someone I and countless others from all over the world enjoy to watch and learn from.

A quick trip to his socials will bring you through an absolute symphony of incredible creative projects to include his wonderful Photography which when married to another of his creative outlets 'Cosplaying' makes for something which is at a level I'd never seen before.

A few years back a vehicle accident on a freeway which could have had dire consequences for him resulted in Jonathan believing that life is much more than material wealth. The over-riding sense of needing to be happy and pursuing what he loves to do prevailed and he quit his job and drove to Seattle where he delivered the value of hope to many in becoming his favourite childhood hero 'Superman'.

5 years on he's become one of Social Media's most recognisable figures cutting a dash across America dressed as the characters he loves. Indeed, it was this that brought him to the attention of none other than DC Comics, which is incredible in itself.

Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention how influential he has also become in bringing the genre of Synthwave to a larger audience and his regular video's on You Tube 'Synthwave and Chill' make any Artists day when they know they've been featured.

With all this and more Forged in Neon where incredibly happy that he agreed to this interview, I do hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together!

Take a look!

Firstly, let me thank you for your time today, I’ve been loving the content you’ve produced thus far on your socials and of course your music, we’ll get to that in a moment but how do you think this year has gone for you creatively speaking?

You’re welcome! Thank you for wanting to talk with me!! Creatively speaking, it has been a year of somewhat in-betweens. Honestly it hasn’t been bad year for me, a long one though haha. I have started a lot of projects, half finished some, fully completed others and a lot of them are still an idea.

This year I was set on learning how to organize my creative process. And it has helped. By organize I mean writing down to-do list, making storyboards, know what I am going to record before I hit record, clean up props right away as soon as I am finished recording. Little things that I don’t do that add up to time wasted. Streamlining the process was a challenge this year.

Of course, some of the community I’m involved with are most familiar with your brilliant ‘Synthwave and Chill’ videos on You Tub