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It's your TOP TRAX B*tches | 26th April

Another stunning week of releases that I couldn't get enough of. Don't forget that most tracks chosen will earn some real estate on curated Spotify Playlist(s) and no doubt will be listed on for spinning on my monthly podcast!

So who's my tops and who get's the FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK? - Well start scrolling to find out!

L’ Avenue

Forever | Another gem from le Maison du L’Avenue. There’s a crisp cool vibe to this track that’ll have you wishing it was Summer already. I must admit L’Avenue and this beautiful retrowave sound go together like cola and lime and it’s equally as addictive. A must for your playlists!

LA Nights

The Call | The re-press edition of this stunning Album was released on the 23rd April via Timeslaves and it has given me a rare chance to gush over this phenomenal release. Every single track leaves a unique footprint but my choice in the titular track 'The Call' (take a drink everyone) was simply down to how it made me feel. Whilst it's lets say..Synthwave adjacent it's an undoubted crowd pleaser and will get the dancefloor jumping all over again!

The Less Dead

Life like dream | Beautiful, ethereal & dream like. It's weightless in it's delivery and is such a treat to listen too. It opens with a monologue from the 'Carnival of Souls' an indie Horror flick from 1962 and the lead Mary Henry's voice carries throughout elevating the track just that little bit more. It's unlike anything I've ever really heard but I still went back and listened a 2nd and 3rd time just to be sure. Captivating.

Runaway Droid

Dangerous | Well this is a ball of fun, really enjoyed listening to this track. Lived for that delicious key change 41 seconds in and then it takes it to another level altogether. It's undoubtedly retro and worthy of some real estate on your playlists for sure.


Ripley has a gun | I know this has been out since January but it serves harder than Roger Federer in a Grand Slam Final. It's fast it's furious and its a sure fire winner. Love it!


Wasted (feat Gabi) | Released on the 22nd April this track is sublime. The female vocal picks this track up and shakes it around and in a good way. It's a catchy little number & the bassline has a certain kinda sleaze that I can get on board with. I expect this to be played by everyone everywhere who loves Synth unless they're somewhat aurally compromised!


Ragnorok (explicit) | So damn good that I had to buy the album, go listen especially if you like your Synth a little grimy like me. You could build entire colonies on the foundations of its earth shuddering bass & that's just for starters. It was a hard choice to narrow it down to one track but 'Ragnarok' shades it. Fantastic! Go buy it now please!!

P.S - The whole album is a trip, now pack your bags!

≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫

⇩ ⇩ ⇩


City Nights feat Fatherdude | The 80's called they want their vibe back!! What a track!! It's impossible to sit still listening to this + it's got sax!! It's so damn good and more than worthy of my SINGLE OF THE WEEK! Out via New Retrowave if you don't have this in your playlists by Night' end I think you better hand in your Synth badge!


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Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite tracks now live.

Top Trax from Jan - March of this year with some gems you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

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