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I like it when you 'Watch Me' Single Review | Primo & Betamaxx

The single itself has been out a little while but Primo & Betamaxx are the duo we never knew we needed with this explosive punchy little number.

You’d be forgiven for putting the dog outside and pushing the living room table out of the way in an effort to drop more shapes than a Geometry Maths Major at a Science Fair. The track itself sprints out the gate with Primo’s unrelenting vocal that in my opinion is one of the best on the scene today hands down!

Betamaxx, Nick Morey, is quite possibly one of the best synth producers in the business. Stepping into the game mid-2012 and delivering jams that I’m sure form the back bone to any discerning Synthwave Playlist.

Lyrically it punches harder than Tyson Fury and a little naughty but Primo is not just for after the 9pm watershed she “wants to be on your mind all day”!

Safe to say I love the track and looking forward to more collabs down the way one of which I know to be Kidburn..better start girding those loins people!

Score: 8/10

Interview with Primo herself hopefully coming soon….

Go support these titans via the links below:

Primo The Alien Bandcamp:

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