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Well what can I say, I moved heaven and earth to be there and I'm mighty glad I did. It was certainly up there with some of the best Synth events I had been to and I've been to quite a few in the northern hemisphere.

Brandon with SJ Bravo

The venue itself was quite compact or at least it felt that way given the amount of people who showed up to lend their support, and it became somewhat of a sport to remember who was on the bill next in an effort to drag yourself away from the engaging conversations and familiar faces that were loitering about with intent directly outside. I can say without fear or favour that the fresh air felt like manna from heaven after a long stint dancing without a care in the world to the likes of the incredible sounds of FHE who were joined on stage by the one and only Shaun Phillips of Le Brock which served to elevate the performance even more if that was possible, to the likes of Iversen who with Josh at the helm belted out some gems which set the tone for the late afternoon into the evening.

If I was pressed on my highlights of the event itself I'd have to say Waveshaper who lit the place on fire to Beckett who was quite literally the talk of the Neon town after his set, with people throwing every superlative out there they could muster between beers to describe how fantastic he was! Brandon and SJ Bravo though 👏.....they were awesome.


Absolute showmen and another box ticked for me in the list of Artists I had wanted to see. To my shame I missed Paradise Walk but to be fair given the nightmare journey I had I was extremely lucky to make at all. Sorry guys! 😞


Wolfclub were typically amazing and Young Empress overcame some unwelcome sound gremlins to give a solid performance and with some incredible DJs spinning retro 80's and Synth sounds to fill the gaps between bands, the promoters thought of everything.

With Jack from Space Jams and Jonny from Steel City no stranger to attending events themselves they had a sharp insight as to what it would take to run an event as efficient as possible and to patrons satisfaction which is no mean feat when you consider that it's physically impossible to please all of the people all of the time!

I'll nail my colours to the mast here and say that Space Jams and Steel City Collective have firmly established themselves as one of the UK's premier Synth Event Promoters and long may they reign.

Rumours abound suggest there is another event planned for October this year with the amazing Thorisson amongst others.

Irrespective of who's playing if you're serious about Synth and love a good time then get yourself to out for more info on

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