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HONEYBEARD | VIDEO PREMIERE 'Lighthouse' *New Release*

Nothing excites us more in Haus of Forged than to be handpicked to bring you the best in Synth music there is.

It is our undoubted pleasure to promote & premiere HONEYBEARD’s new video for their single ‘LIGHTHOUSE’

Taken from their soon to be released LP ‘Oneiros’ this is the first single to be released from their eagerly awaited album dropping November 18th and from what you’re about to hear if this is a sign of things to come it may very well be the duo’s best release yet!


Single available to buy via HONEYBEARD BANDCAMP NOW



Gary Conlon and Tom Bell otherwise known as Honeybeard are an award winning Electro outfit hailing from Toronto, Canada.

Their signature sound is as infectious as you like and with that thumping beat and thought-provoking lyrics there’s nothing or no one else out there quite like them.

Drawing on influences from The Doors to Gary Numan and on to Depeche Mode, they have shaken up those typical Synthwave tropes and have found that perfect equilibrium within the scene. Signed to Retro Reverb Records there is more to see and hear from these Guys into 2022 and beyond!

Please consider supporting HONEYBEARD where you can | SUPPORT THE ARTISTS, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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