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Synth World - The time has come...

Super excited to bring to you the premiere of Honey beard's new Single & Video 'Black Skies'

Honey beard, An award winning Synthwave Duo who hail from Toronto have been embedded in the music scene since 2012 drawing on early influences from everyone like 'Depeche Mode' to 'The Doors'.

This new Single 'Black Skies' has been long awaited and is a dark narrative set to a pulsating beat you're not going to want to stop playing. Twinned with a video that of it's own intent serves as a visceral narrative to what we've all experienced or seen over the last few months.

Social commentary served to you the best way Honey Beard know how...

Welcome back boys!

'Black Skies' will be available for download/purchase on the 24th July and served piping hot to your devices on your preferred streaming service thereafter

Ladies and Gents I present to you 'Black Skies'


Please consider supporting the guys via the following links:

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