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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Later than billed these are your Top Trax for this week and there's quite an eclectic mix of that you can be sure of.

We have everything from Chillwave to Retrowave, Synthwave to a brief visit to some oldschool rave vibes remember those? The top spot is certainly something I'm sure you're going to enjoy!

If you like what you hear, stream it, buy it, post it on socials you do make a difference!

So..Let's get into it shall we?



And then all vanishes | Taken from Holon’s new Album ‘Form Dictates Function’ released on the 6th August this was such a gem to unearth from start to finish and it’s finish where I hung my hat as the end track is simply sublime.

‘And then all vanishes’ with its woven sounds and rich sonic tapestry is such a treat to listen to. I must admit that HOLON is a relatively new Artist to me despite being on the grid for approx. 6 years, no doubt buried beneath the mountain of producers all vying for the same real estate. I shall right those wrongs by spending time with his discography, I trust you’ll do the same!

Midnight Fury

Strictly Business | Produced so beautifully and striking all the right chords this retrowave offering by Midnight Fury is beyond worthy of some prime real estate on your playlists. It’s downright addictive to listen to and as refreshing as an ice-cold Cosmo on a Summers Day. Gorgeous!


Stardust | Let’s face it Parallels are a safe pair of hands in a sonic sense so it didn’t surprise me that I’d really dig the new album which shall be released on the 27th August.

Taken from the 5th Studio Album ‘Supersymmetry’ ‘Stardust’ is as melodic as you’ll find and serves to cement for me why Holly Dodson is quite simply amongst the best in this genre as a writer and producer. From the jump it felt like home with the melodic intro that led into Holly’s sweet vocal which blended so beautifully. Bookmark this release! I sure hope you’ll like its as much as I do!

Mike Templar

Breakthrough | What do you do when an Artist releases something so fresh and exciting that it straight up muscled it’s way into my top trax list? That’s right buy the damn thing and sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that Synthwave or variations there of have as much life in them as they ever did and then some.

From the outset this track had me in the palm of its shiny robotic hand

And with other tracks on this Album featuring the likes of Forged Favs Strike Eagle and the amazing CZARINA it’s certainly worth parting with your hard earned cash! Released August 6th go via the link below.

Hello Meteor

Fantasizing Summers | Reflective and all consuming this track is so beautifully woven together like fine lace. If you’re into Chillwave this whole Album ‘We lose time’ will scratch that itch. Nostalgic and tuneful it’s one to allow yourself to unwind to for sure. Lay back, close your eyes and silence the mind, let Hello Meteor take you on a gentle journey.

Irving Force & Starving Insect

Sedatives (Starving Insect Remix) | Transported to an underground club as strobe lights appear to rebound off every corner of a dank cavernous shelter, bodies can be seen twisting as they dance in time to the distorted beats that summon the beast within. I’ll never not be in love with tracks that paint those pictures, this one whilst almost painted in crude oil it’s that dark does take you there and for 6m 46secs there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! If you like it practically vantablack, you’re in luck!



Noizz Factor & Miami Calling

Midnight Affair | 21st Century 80’s vibes dressed to impress. I really enjoyed this track, it’s quirky and funky with that unmistakeable sensation of immersion you get when you listen to a track that gets it so so right! Love it! Released today so go get it!

Oh and it’s my Forged Single of the week!! BOOM! - Congratz Guys!

** No Spotify presence found **

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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