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Forged Top Trax | 28th June

Another week and another round up of some of the awesome tracks that have graced us over this passed week or so. And what a week it has been with some absolutely brilliant releases and collabs for the Synth Gods.

So who claimed the Neon throne this week? Let's take a look! As usual if there are any Artists here that have tickled your fancy go check them out and show them some love.

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JJ Mist

Operator || I must admit I'm loving the Retro 80's Revival vibes from the awesome female contingent on this male dominated scene and I'm totally here for it. Not to be outdone this track by the incredible JJ Mist is definitely no exception and gives me all those Debbie Gibson feels I crave. The entire Album 'Communication' released by Timeslave Recordings on the 25th June is an absolute blast and for those who like their Synth with an undeniable retro touch this will be well up your street! Grab it now.


Long Weekend || Quite simply 4.14 minutes of Sunshine. There are those that say that this is entirely the length of an Irish Summer but with Beckett at the helm with this City Pop track it's Sunshine unlocked all day everyday and I'll take it. This instrumental is a smile inducer and comes at you in cool waves. So put those wayfarers on, pick up that refreshing iced drink and lie back, Becketts got you covered!

Android Automatic

Chill Day || A slice of Retrowave in a perfect package. One quarter of a 4 track EP released on the 21st June and definitely worth parting with some cash for. The track itself 'Chill Day' is a straight up vibe and masterfully produced. I expected nothing less from this gent.

Stream it now!


Topless Fantasy || It says something for an Artist when you chat to others in the industry and when the topic of this Album 'Hot Shots' arises everyone has a different favourite. It's a sublime retrowave effort from someone I'd be watching from afar for quite awhile. This track oozes charm and captures that 80's vibe straight up! I must admit I had difficulty choosing a favourite from this Album as one track is just as good as the next. He's had fun producing this one you can tell from the off, a must for your playlists!

NIght Rider 87

Target Zero || This seems to be a track of two parts which speaks to the duality within me with respect to my love of the Light & Shade of Synth in equal measure. The Guys rarely put a foot wrong for me and this track proves just how clever they truly are. It's an instabuy! Hopefully on hearing it it'll be like that for you to. Check it out!

Droid Bishop

Hat Trick || If you fail to move to this track whilst it's playing I suggest you check your pulse as you may very well be dead! It's devilishly brilliant and harks back to his previous Album release 'Music' in vibe and intent. It's Studio54 in the 70's meets Turbo Drive in the 20's the 2020's that is and will have you twirling your way around the floor bathed in the dappled glow of the Glitter ball that'll spin overhead! Listen loud

Not yet on Bandcamp but have linked it for those who wish to listen to his previous tracks to follow the narrative.


Ultra Violet || There has been a few tracks released over the passed 12 months or so with a searing narrative on the Pandemic and the profundity of it all in terms of loss and suffering that so many endured but none quote like this. The breathless ethereal vocal delivered so beautifully by Vicky Harrison meanders it's way through the vintage synths elevating it to another plain and ever so subtly reminds me of Annie and Electric Youth in passing. It's gorgeous!

Bunny X & Don Dellpiero

Perfect Paradise || A partnership for the Synth Gods! On hearing this track was in the works via my interview with the Bunnies earlier this year I was super excited and couldn't wait to hear it. They didn't disappoint and with a subtle bit of Sax thrown in towards the end it caps this track off wonderfully. It's a great Summer anthem and with Synth event spaces opening the world over you may bet this track will get a few plays! Play it loud!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Truth Time Hearts

The Common Draccus || Sublime, this track was a surprise to find. It's unlike anything I've heard before to be honest which only serves to elevate the track further. The album itself was released via a label I hold in huge high regard 'Rosso Corsa Records" and out now on all decent streaming platforms. I love it, hope you will to!

A worthy winner of my Forged Single of the Week! Give a listen below.



Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter coming real SOON! New Podcast Ep 3 on the way.

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