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Another 7 days has rolled by and I'm delighted to bring you as eclectic a bunch of sure fire bangers as you're likely to find anywhere.

I've been asked a few times about how I come up with the list each week and being honest it can be quite tough. Sifting through the mountain of tracks to find that gem does grow ever harder but it's no less exciting when you finish a list and know that you've done your best to publish as diverse a track list to cater to all tastes in the Synth Genre.

I use Spotify, Bandcamp suggestions and search, good ole fashioned submissions and social media. That's it, nothing more to it than that.

So who's grabbed pole position this week? Start your engines racers....


Thought Beings

Conquistador | Well this was quite enjoyable & super catchy. Marinated in 80’s synth pop beats it’s definitely one for the dance floor or your money back! The track oozes attitude which you can’t help but move to and a must for your playlists!


Bogomil gets shot | 14 seconds into this track and the widest smile stretched across my face which didn’t leave until fade out. A DJ Centric re-work of the Masterpiece first brought out by Harold Faltermeyer for the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop II this smacks the right sort of nostalgia button that I can vibe with.

I sincerely applaud Megahit for giving this track a fresh coat of Synth paint for the ages primarily as it’s not one that you’d generally think needed re-working with other more well known tracks like Axel F & the Top Gun Anthem just begging to be revived but I don’t think Megahit is one for convention and that’s to be commended. Nice work man!

Natalie Gray

One in a million | Natalie’s star continues to ascend with this synth pop snack for your delectation that’s as good as anything you would of heard in the Top 40 from way back when. Anyone with even a passing interest in the 80’s genre would enjoy this I feel. With Sunglasses Kidesque type production sensibilities delivered with a cracking vocal it’s winner winner chicken dinner!


Chant of the Ninja | Feeling more like a soundtrack to a game or movie scene never seen or played it’s certainly catchy. It somehow leads you in a number of different directions though which to be fair is in no way a criticism. After all it’s what a Ninja would do! His approach to this keeps your interest throughout and given the cavalcade of cookie cutter tracks there is out there not standing out is tantamount to wearing an invisibility cloak. Give it a listen and judge for yourself, worthy placement on my top trax list for sure!

New Arcades with Dana Jean Phoenix

Don’t stop dreaming | In this niche little micro genre we’ve cultivated there are some Artists and bands that you just know will hit the mark pretty much all of the time and this pairing is most certainly the stuff of Synth dreams. Both lauded in the scene for their individual prowess in driving this genre ever forward together they make a powerful statement with this this track ‘Don’t stop dreaming’.

Their combined force offer us a vocal led, harmony driven Synth pop track that would equally have you hitting that steering wheel to the beat or spinning on a neon lit dance floor. Two thumbs all the way up!


Oceana | A chilled Synth Jewel to kiss your years, this track is essentially 5 minutes of Summer and I love it. CASA is a team consisting of Jonny Adams of Sleepless Nights fame who had his first foray onto my Top Trax List not to long ago in fact and Jack Ellis playing some sublime bass, this is a must for those hot Summer playlists.

Shadows and Mirrors

Digitalia | Taken from the new album ‘Clones’ this track is an absolute treat to listen to. It’s almost numanesque in it’s delivery also drip drips a little Bowie in my earholes for good measure. It takes me back to my dark new wave post punk days of yore that I’ve longed since craved. The whole album is unique and what I feel this niche scene needs. Bravo S&M, the whole album is fire so it was hard to pick just one track but Digitalia had me out of my seat! Kudos!

Jacket with Shadowrunner

Borealis | Absolute slam dunk. I had high hopes when I read of Shadowrunners involvement here and I wasn’t disappointed. The production value in this track is crystal clean and gets under your skin in the best possible way.

Stream it guys, you need this track in your lives! The track itself makes a welcome appearance on Jacket’s new Album Dream: Volume 1 and having listened to it all it’s a fantastic page in the book of evolution that has become Jacket’s music career to date and I can’t wait to hear more!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Black Bird | It’s no secret the absolute love I have for this guy, he’s different, he’s engaging and certainly one to watch over and over again. Without out any doubt this track is of no exception and appeals to this dark heart of mine at every level. With this being the first release since his successful debut Album ‘Holy’ in 2020 if this is a sign of things to come I’m betting on red as you’d be a fool to bet against him. With the incredible video having its worldwide release via the 80’s guy You tube channel a few days it’s more than worth of my Forged Single of the week!!

Félicitations Bloodpanic! T'es le méritez vraiment

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter coming real SOON! New Podcast Ep 3 on the way.

BIG FORGED NEWS - I drop my very first physical release compilation this Friday 16th July. Watch out for links to buy on veritably every social channel.

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