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Hey Horror fans, welcome to another week of Top Trax here on Forged in Neon. As usual I dug around to find you the best of the best to showcase and didn't want to end this spooktacular weekend without throwing in some frighteningly good nuggets for those Halloween playlists.

So who the coffin dodger this week? Lets find out shall we?


Anxiety | A surprise find a short while back he continues to serve us all treats and no tricks with one of his latest singles 'Anxiety'. It's as catchy as you like and certainly one for those night drive playlists! Produced masterfully with a nice hook I can see the purists really liking this one! It's been out awhile, go show it some love. Niiiiceeee Job TPB!



Haddonfield | I did expect a tad more from this I must admit but I do have high expectations of XENNON. Don't let it detract you from what is honestly a well crafted track. I expected creeping dread given it's title but got something a little more lighter which is fine. XENNON is a great Artist there's no escaping that, this track is a grower not a shower and I'm alright with that!

*No spotify presence for this track found



Silver Coffin | Draven pulls another Darksynth treat from his bag of tricks with his latest banger 'Silver Coffin'. It's as full of dread as you may expect and smacks so hard you're gonna need ice! This track is the 1st release off his upcoming new Album 'Abyssal Arcana' which is no doubt going to solidify his spot in the Darksynth Arena so move over boys!



Anor Londo | The Artist name maybe a tad too clichéd but don't let it detract you from the his obvious talent. A cheeky submission while back led me down the Cartridge 1987 rabbit hole and you know what? He's got game, real game! His latest and 2nd Album release 'Passage' dropped on October 15th and the sci-fi influences are inescapable. 'Anor Londo' was my choice on this album purely as it comes across like a real journey of a track and well produced. I flirted with maybe 2 other tracks but this one shaded it. If you like your Synth spacey this one is for you!



Nymphomaniac Redux | The Finnish Maestro comes in relatively hard with a track that's a total aural experience. With strings reminiscent of Metallica's 'One' and the NSFW samples of Female engagement shall we say it's sewn together beautifully further cementing Levinsky's Chapter in the Dark Electro book of Arts.



Sex, Drugs N' Darksynth | A standard Saturday night for some perhaps but MASKED has decided to put it to music and once again demonstrates his prowess with a track that slaps harder than a cheated ex. The track chosen is a different style of sorts to MASKEDs usual balls to the wall soundscapes but I enjoyed the pivot. Taken from his recently released 'UNHOLY' LP via Steelcity Collective it's one of many tracks exploring some hard hitting and more melodic sounds with no specific retro vibe! If you've liked the cut of MASKED jib like I have before now you'll enjoy this a lot!



Fright Night Fever | Beckett's back and in a cape n fangs to terrorize your neighbourhood. Oh yes baby, what a thriller! At 400 years old he doesn't look a day over 399 as he takes us on a dark funky odyssey with his trusty talk-box and a wildly charismatic soundscape that will get you groovin' or your money back! I love it, you should to, your life might just depend on it!



Pangea | What a sublime track, just fantastic! Italo disco sensibilities with that unmistakeable Highway Superstar magic. I also happen to think that he has one of those outstanding under-rated vocals and has had for quite some time.

The track has absolutely everything you'd want from a blindingly brilliant retro offering including pockets of super sax by the incomparable Ilia Skibinsky who for the eagle eared amongst you will know that he also provided his skill to accompany Highway's track on the now infamous 'Kung Fury' film and soundtrack 'Careful Shouting'.

If this track is a sign of things to come from his new Album 'Contraband' I honestly can't wait! New album drops November 19th, mark it in your diaries!



Beaches of Rimini | Producing Synth since 2007 he's the O.G who for those new to the genre is just one part of the legendary 'Valerie Collective' crew of Artists in France. It's been a minute since we had anything from the French Maestro and honestly on hearing his new EP 'Lost Tapes From Hardware Memories' it was worth the wait. It's fresh and exciting but what more can you expect from a man who was intrinsic in shaping the earlier mould of the Genre we now know as Synthwave. This track was my stand out for it's pure groove and addictive beat, it's great! If you don't know this man I suggest you get acquainted!



Pacific Heat | The Last Concorde touch down with an absolutely incredible Album of Retrowave goodness in 'Dream Machine'. It's a feat of pure Synth mastery and each track wonderfully uplifting. This Duo from Barcelona give you a slice of Mediterranean Synth washed down by some cool vibes and aural sunshine for your spotless mind. It was a hard task to choose a favourite but I went with 'Pacific Heat' for all that's stated above and more!

Turn this Album up, WAY UP and enjoy! The clocks may have gone back doesn't mean your taste has to!



Dark Night | Blood Panic rises with a new and frankly perfect Dark Synth Banger. It wouldn't be Halloween with a sense of dread punctuated by a beat that slaps and Blood Panic delivers on every level with this one. The track itself is masterfully produced and is another page in the unwritten story of this Dark Synth Artist with an out of this world talent! Go buy it!



Running out of time (ft Pat DiMeo) | Well, what can I say? It's another home run for this dream partnership. It's a top drawer track packed with retro goodness topped off by some sweet sounding Sax by Max himself. Pat's vocal has that raw edge that draws you in quite quickly and the production itself is master level. There isn't enough superlatives to describe how beautiful this track is so I'd urge you to buy it and listen for yourselves! It's beyond sublime and a worthy recipient of my Top Track of the Week!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

New curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax July - Oct | OUT NOW

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