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It's only been a week since the last instalment of TOP TRAX and yet again there's been some amazing releases to be had.

I will of course say that the appetite for covers from an Artists perspective in the Synthverse continues unabated and whilst I do enjoy them a lot I do now wish for more diversity, some new tracks and fresh perspective. There's been an avalanche of them for quite awhile, and new ideas are needed for genre growth in my opinion.

I'll continue listening to covers but they'll have to be so surpreme in value for me to want to publish them here going forward. If you disagree with me let me know, Forged is an open forum with it's finger on the neon pulse and I enjoy connecting with you all, so...

......who caught the kill this week? Who was my no.1 pick? Let's find out!!

As usual if there are any Artists here that have tickled your fancy go check them out and show them some love.

STREAM | SHARE | BUY - You make a difference!


HORIZONS 1982 feat Nathan Madsen

Walking Irrevocable | A stunning track that deserves all the plaudits. It has everything in there a Synth Fan would love and more. The first single off the 'Tempted Hearts EP' and released via RED MANOR RECORDS this is just sublime and a must have for your playlists. Stream it now.


Carnival | I've taken time to review this track on its own merits - Take a look here.

It's an astonishing track that'll leave a pleasant aftertaste. As mentioned previously those die-hard Nina fans may need to come around to the somewhat change in direction but true fans will understand her want to shed the old skin to make way for a darker fantasy.

WOLFCLUB feat Dora Pereli

Flashbacks | It's the soundtrack to an 80's Teen Drama that never was with a brimful of angst and just enough intent to play it on repeat. The canorous lament is served richly by the booming vocal of Dora Pereli. The musicality in this track will no doubt serve the Wolfclub purists proud and will have you singing into your hairbrush, or maybe that's just me!

This is the latest single from JUST DRIVE - Part 2. Do yourselves a favour.....


Cruel Passion | Magnavolt's at it again, serving us absolute filth and I love every second of it. It's lustful intent to make you move is matched only by its grit and persuasion. It's got that underworld vibe with those booming Synths that he's rightly well known for. If Cruel Passion is a peek into his Red Room you better brace yourself for what's to come! Maybe make sure your mother or girlfriend is out of the room when you play it! Straight onto my playlists, you should do the same!


I'm awake | I may be mistaken but I do believe that this is Darfoulds first foray onto my Top Trax list and what a way to open your account with Forged. The soaring Synth at the beginning had me hooked, its like he laid down the soundtrack to the Sun slowly rising over a sleepy bay. The vocal is almost pleading in its attempt to make you listen which only serves to elevate the track even further I feel. If you're looking for the Iliad in lyrical content you might want to re-calibrate your thinking but if you do want to listen to an amazing melodic track which resonates dial it up.

"I'm awake and I can see clearly now..." - Sing it loud!

Horizon95 | Released July 1st this melodic Synth sentiment should not be overlooked. It's perfectly chill and very easy listening. There's something about this track that pulls me in almost from the outset. I'm honestly at home listening to his more punchier works but this is...well it's sonorous and intriguing, I like it!


Origin | This is 3 mins 28 sec of a full on romp and I'm here for it. Those in the Synth game for quite awhile will have seen this absolute maestro from Edinburgh tear it up and he's once again gracing your ears with his new track 'Origin' and what a track it is. I'd wager the only true way to feel the effects of this track is to bounce around to it at an event bathed in strobe lighting.

It's a stomper, get it on your playlists!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Beyond the Blue | Immortal Girlfriend rarely place a foot wrong with me since I discovered the via an Interview with another Artist early last year. This track speaks to my very soul. The vocal harmonies surf in on those pounding synths that can't fail to make you move. It's grit with lashings of cream on top served with an ice cold neon beverage. Bring your appetites guys because you're going to eat this up!

Congratulations Immortal Girlfriend - Forged Single of the Week


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter coming real SOON! New Podcast Ep 3 on the way.

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