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It's been a great week for Synth releases with Bandcamp Friday being rich fertile ground in which to plough as usual...other music platforms are also available!

...So who's King (or Queen) of the hill this week? Let's take a look and find out!


Runaway | A track that simply melts in your ear cavities, its sublime. YOTA's ethereal dream like vocal punches through the soaring melody with ease and draws you straight in. Love it!



Strange Matter | Yes! This...all of this! Thought Beings don hoods and escort you into the torch lit void with their next and newest EP which sees the title track push its way through to the top. The deep vocal tone with that electronic velvety edge appeals to the shaded side of my soul and I loved every second of it! This duo can do no wrong for me lately! GET IT!!



Feels like magic | Sounds like magic more like! These Synthpop power houses fuse to create an absolute jam that deserves to be played loud. It'll no doubt fill the floors of Synth events the world over and I cannot wait to be there for at least one of them to throw those shapes!



Tin Soldiers | A blindingly brilliant track from the majesty that is KIDBURN. Tin Soldiers is a track taken from his newest Album which dropped on the 21st September 'Love in times of Death'. There's no denying that sexy vocal and that guitar, the hook is incredible and the retro-esque melody all combine to make this a magical synth soup to ingest! I'm in love with Kidburn...there I said it...move on!



Hunter's Moon | This is a toe tapper to say the least!! Mr K serves us some Cyberpunk for the fall in Hunter's Moon which is an absolute trip from beginning to end. The Finnish Maestro gets creative with this track and delivers that one two punch you expect from decent Cyberpunk tracks. Its confidently produced and goes straight to my favs, those who like their music in a darker shade may very well do the same!



Savage Acts | To stand still is to fall backwards and few Artists understand this more than UK's own Occams Laser. His sound has grown before our very ears and I for one have enjoyed the journey around the hell-scapes he's created since 2014. The next chapter in his blood-soaked discography has taken a distinctly 90's route with the aptly titled 'Occult 90'.

The track Savage Acts could be one of any I would have chosen from this album it's that good, take a listen for yourself, then buy it! The power of Satan compels you!



Discovering Utopia | I'm unsure what lies within the water source in Finland which makes them all so incredibly talented but here we are again, another brilliantly sounding Synth Producer 'KEBU'. This track is so timeless in presentation and creativity, it's majesty is in its beautiful simplicity. It's melody will carry you away. It's a triumph, I adore it!



Moment in time | Popcorn Kid and Noxigen strike a perfect balance in this Retrowave banger that's sure to please the purists amongst us! It's got everything right even down to that Eddie Van Halen like guitar solo that sits pretty in the middle. Awesome guys, very well done!



The Voice of a Generation | It's a comfy patchwork quilt of everything we've come to love about the 90's dance era incapsulated into 3min 7 seconds of pure unadulterated fun! Cleverly produced by the Artist and made me smile throughout! Whilst its a pivot away from Synthwave there's no denying the nostalgic trip this track takes you on! So worthy of my track of the week.

Grab those glow sticks and lets go!

Congratulazioni MicroMatscenes!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW. New list end of October

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