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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Whoop Whoop we are back Ladies and Gentlemen....

From an enforced hiatus It's been a whole 28 days since the last batch of Top Trax released and what a stellar bunch of tracks were dropped in the interim, some of which are captured here for your aural delectation.

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!


Effortlessly cool with a bass that is as addictive as chocolate, Le Group Fantastique continue to surprise & delight in another vibe rich offering in 'On my Mind'. Hooks for days which belie the narrative of a failing relationship its certainly radio friendly & skips along at pace never losing those deft production touches that make them ones to listen to time after time. Vocals sit right in the pocket too! Nice!


There's no surprise in this being part of my Top Trax list as I'd already sang its literal praises all over social media awhile back. L&L are a chillwave force to be reckoned with and are as welcome as a cool breeze on hot Summers day. This track 'Adrift' is just quite simply stunning & captures beautifully those aspects of being carried away on those gentle waves as you feel any care you've ever had just dissolve. Shimmering brilliance!


Leaving aside its obvious homage to that seminal 80's buddy cop movie we all know and love this even as a track without the references is rather excellent if I do say so myself. That pumping bassline and those 80's synth leads reminiscent of Harold Faltermeyer abound to give you a total synthwave 80's experience proving without doubt that we're never too old for this Shit! Buy the damn track already!


Roosevelt has featured on my lists before but this track is simply on another level. The legend that is Nile Rodgers features and sends it into the stratosphere as he does with most tracks he has had a hand in. This incredible Synth-pop number has no doubt got those Studio 54 70's disco vibes at it's strobe lit heart and if you fail to move to this track you may very well be dead so check your pulse!


Josh's unmistakeable and mesmerising vocal paired with the supreme production values of the legend that is Timecop1983 make this track a must have in your playlists. Josh has just released his debut album at long long last and it's just packed with wall to wall gems perfect for that Summer drive with the ones you love. Stylish and effortlessly cool, play it loud!


Lazerpunk comes sprinting out the gate like a mechanical animal in this knock down drag out banger that will bounce without fear or favour off the walls of your strobe lit mind. There's no use standing still, you have to surrender to it, you have no choice!

Lazerpunk proving once again that he is never not to be messed with and deservedly takes his place shoulder to shoulder with the Darksynth Kings of Chaos you know who they are! TURN IT UP!


A grimy beat that envelopes your eardrums whilst weaving space age synths awaits as it send you on your way through the Khiper Belt. Here Cyberwalker teams up with SKYKOT known to most of you at Kotovsky86 (who has also featured on my list) to offer you a wonderful album in 'SKYWALK'. Pulses stood out to me straight away and much like the rest of the album is wonderfully produced. Take a listen!

JACKET. | WYWH (feat. Elyxir & Midnight Fury)

Emotive & uncomplicated this is a straight up groove & worthy of space on your playlists. The clean, crisp production that Jacket. is known for is elevated even further by the stunning vocals by Australia's Elyxir. Midnight Fury also guests adding some light & shade to the proceedings making this track a veritable home run of Summer vocal Synthwave hits but what do I know? Play it & find out!


This guy never ceases to amaze me in how he stitches tracks together to form a composite of aural brilliance that few can match. I could have chosen literally any track from this stunning maze of layered Synth brilliance but choose 'Erasure'. Hard hitting, this track has a pulse & has come to play, be ready! The whole album 'Lights out' released by FIXT NEON last week is just begging to be bought! DO IT!


I've quite simply ran out of superlatives to describe how ameowsing this Cat's tracks are. There's no one out there like this unfurgettable beast & the new album drop sets to prove it. In fact I was half way through writing a review fur amewther track when I changed my mind & went fur another. The sound is meowsive & will come clawing out of your speakers & dig it's nails straight into your eardrums! PAWSOME!


Italo Disco shimmering brilliance. If this track was a car it would have come straight from the stylish design rooms of the Pininfarina. From Zero to Funk in 5.8 seconds it'll speed you to that dancefloor faster than a v12 engine and turn every head on route. The beautiful New York duo of BUNNY X lend their vibe rich vocal to the disco glitter sounds to make this track hotter than Sorrento in July!

Some more tracks to be posted at the end of the month in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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