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Time once again for your weekly run down of the best tracks these passed 7 or so days that have kissed our ears.

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

Who won the day? Let's find out....



A perfect slice of retro dream pie, World Complete from Manchester in the UK does it again in a track that is nothing short of a sublime listen. The production value of this track is not to be overlooked and is beautifully stitched together with a punchy beat that you'll certainly move to or your money back. Definitely worth some real estate on your retrowave playlists.

VECTOR HOLD | The Ghost of Kyiv

It's a Darksynth banger that fills me with a lot of emotion, it's a weird flex I know but this lone Jet Pilot has already received legendary status in Ukraines fight against the tyranny of Russia. There is War in Europe make no mistake but it's Artists like Vector Hold that deliver amazing tracks which remind us of the power of music. Proceeds go to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Effort. Buy it!

JESSY MACH | For a while

Swings and hits for 80's revivalists and I'm all in. It gives me all those early Kavinsky vibes but somehow manages to stand on it's own two feet as a terrific slice of Synthwave. A perfect antidote to the doom merchants who perpetuate that the genre is somehow locked in a freezer with its toe tagged. There's gems out there. LOOK GODAMMIT! 'For a while' is case in point!

DREAMHOUR | Own tonight feat DOKODOKO

Released via NRW this is a soaring Synth melody with a haunting vocal provided by DokoDoko is rather striking and ultimately very listenable. Captivating hooks abound to serve you with something that surely stands out from the crowd & plunges you into a crafted world of sonic experiences. I suspect we'll hear a lot more from this Artist in times ahead and I'll watch with interest!

BUNNY X & SYNTRONIX | Strangers Again

Understated and quite brilliant this track stirs all sorts of emotions and gets it just right. The searing synth prouction of Syntronix from Belgium and the sublime vocals of the Big Apple's BUNNY X serve us a listening experience that let's face it is par for course with this duo. They're a safe pair of well manicured hands when it comes to fantastic retrowave and this is no different!


Hailing from L.A AURAGRAPH delivers quite the experience in his new Album 'VISTA'. Consistently on the look out for new more polished sounds as I am coming across gems like this make my week. The track 'Coast' chosen for this list is sleek, sexy and ultimately bursting with those retro future vibes. There simply isn't enough superlatives, stream it & see!

YATTE | Ain't it funny

Those who truly know me will forgive my temporary digression for this Artist makes music to sooth the scorched earth of my soul. This vibe rich track delivers in spades and gives me that Yacht rock goodness that has been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite some years now. It's the kind of track that Robbie Dupree, David Pack or America wished they could have written and will be on repeat for quite awhile I'd imagine!

S⃞   I⃞   N⃞   G⃞   L⃞   E⃞ O⃞   F⃞    T⃞   H⃞   E⃞    W⃞   E⃞   E⃞   K⃞

L'AVENUE - Bad Cop

A darker more foreboding L'Avenue steps out from the shadows to deliver us something ultimately more menacing but no less sublime. He's without doubt one of the undisputed Kings of that quintessential 80's sound that we crave and this is no different, giving us a flavour of that soundtrack vibe of a gritty New York Cop gone rogue, more sinner than sinned against patrolling the streets looking for trouble! PLAY IT LOUD!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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