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Another week has flown by and it's that time again! Bit of a darker vibe this time with absolute belters from new and established Artists.

So who clinched the top step? Well..lets dive right on in and find out. Remember if you like anything you hear reach out to the Artist, you'll make their day!


Gregorio Franco

Tribulation | This instrumental track doesn’t just play it speaks. It’s a 15-minute opus from a man I’ve admired for some years now. Few artists can tell a story through their music but Gregorio manages to do it with such aplomb. You sense the fear, the rage, the longing, the hope the light and shade and when it finishes you don’t just feel like you’ve just listened to a track you feel like you’ve had an experience. I feel the Artist laid bare his very soul in producing this, it’s a darksynth gem of the highest calibre.

Le Castle Vania

Keep Breathing | This track will consume you, you have been warned! Punctuated by the softly spoken lyric “Breathe in, Breathe out, Keep Breathing” it packs a cyberpunk punch that crawls inside your skin and lives rent free in your strobe lit mind. I love it.


Hard Corps | Taken from the Album ‘Time to play’ released just 3 days ago this is an absolute belter of a tune. This track doesn’t just knock on your door it kicks it in and takes your woman (or man). It hits harder than a mark IV cyber commando and I’m all about it. Stream it now!

Power Glove

WOLF | Power Glove are back and they’re taking you on a journey, get in if you wanna live! Their album 2043 was released a few days back and Oh boy, take a listen as it’s sonically outstanding. Whilst it's darker it's somehow more inviting, whole soundscapes unfold in your mind as you experience it. I honestly could have chosen any one of the tracks from this album but ‘Wolf’ somehow hits different and I knew I was listening to something special! GET IT!


Plaza | Lets face it you know you’re in good hands when you press play on a L’Avenue track. This one goes down smoother than an iced cold cocktail on a sunny day. It’s certainly classy, it takes you to Dinner, opens the door and when that sax rolls in it also throws its crisp white blazer over your shoulders for that walk home on a warm summers night. Chillwave vibes for days and produced beautifully.

Diamond Field

New Situation | With the new album ’24 bit’ just about to drop in a matter of days via Sofa King Vinyl if this track is a sign of what to expect then we’re in for a treat. It’s perfectly retro in every possible way and the vocals by Nina Luna add that extra texture for a touch of 80s in the 21st Century. With just 1 remaining Hot Pink Diamond Vinyl remaining it’s safe to say that this Synth secret is out. Stream it everywhere from the 30th July.


⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Nuovo Testamento

Michelle Michelle | Italo Synth for the Disco gods with just a hint of the goth to whet the appetite. Dip dyed in nostalgia you’re drawn to thoughts of 80’s dancefloors that luminated underfoot as the heady mix of Dior’s Poison and V05 hairspray penetrated the dry ice as you spin. It’s an incredible track with retro textures that definitely leaves you wanting more in the best possible way.

Congrats guys – You’re my Forged single of the week!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter coming TOMORROW! New Podcast Ep 3 on the way.

Forged in Neon Compilation just dropped with some huge Synth Names never before seen on the one album, you can't miss this! On sale now click here

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