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Another stellar week or so of releases to whet your Synth appetites today.

I've a whole host of gems once again spanning the sub-genres of Synth with some surprises!

So who's King or Queen of the hill this week? Let's dive in and find out!


Hound | Days before All Hallows Eve and Craven drops an absolute banger if even to just remind us all that we can still choke on his foul stench as he commands. The track? Well apparently it was inspired by a chase from a dog, how big a dog? Well he leaves that up to your imagination! Get runnin'....all the way to bandcamp and buy the track! Your life might just depend on it!


MATH 1984

Cruiseland | I enjoyed the heck out of this track. It's as close to perfection you can get in a dreamy retrowave way and deserves to be played on those night drives at high volume! A relative newcomer to the scene his debut Album 'Imagine' dropped last week and it has pearls of absolute mastery in there! Go buy it and listen for yourselves!



Easy Way Out (Midnight Version) | With a brimful of energy this track will grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand you follow it to the dancefloor! I know it's certainly adjacent to what I usually promote but the disco feel from this track was too great to overlook! I love it!



Hydro | Plucked straight from his new Album 'Baked' this track has that retro ambience in abundance. It's a cool gentle wind on a hot summer's day which is no more than what you'd expect from one of the musical kings of vibe! The whole album 'Baked' seems like a perpetuation of the Album 'Palmscapes' released in June of this year which is very welcome as that sound he' created whispers like the breeze through a Palm lined avenue. Gorgeous!



Saudade | From Jakarta, Indonesia comes what can only be described as a Dreamwave masterclass from Rangga Oktavian in his new Album 'Drive-in Cinema' (Deluxe Edition). Whilst it was released in August the whole album serves diamond after diamond in absolute gems and the track chosen 'Saudade' was a hard choice given the options. It's vibe rich and produced beautifully with a larger than life soundscape that envelopes you! Definitely without doubt one for your playlist libraries!



Hydra ヒドラ | This slaps! Like really really slaps! It's Cyber for the Punk Gods and needs to be played at a volume loud enough for your eardrums to vibrate it time to the beat! The narrative of this track is punctuated with layers for days and has just enough suspense to keep you motivated till the very end! Awesome!



A bit familiar | From the Album 'Cherry Vice' released last month comes an outstanding track in my humble opinion that serves the Synth fan on every level imaginable! With that said the whole album is an absolute triumph and gives you that nostalgic feeling that any proper sounding Retrowave Album should! It's sexy, exciting and cements S.L.A.D as one of the best Retrowave musicians out there beyond any doubt!



Slay | Straight from the French Electro Playbook comes an absolute stomper of a track that will have you out of your seats! An obvious homage at the start of this track to 'Technologic' by Daft Punk get swept aside as these guys show you exactly what they can do! It's an outstanding track and has some prime real-estate on their latest Album offering 'Kingdom II' which is somehow better than their Album 'Kingdom' released in 2016 which on the face of it I didn't think was possible! Lightning does strike twice it seems! Get this track, heck GET THE ALBUM!



Ghost of New Tokyo | There is simply no denying Acryl Madness and who he's influenced by. This track gives me those Carpenter Brut Roller Mobster vibes and I'm totally here for it!! It's a knock down, drag you out outside and slaps you about for good measure kinda vibe! It's brutal and raw. Honestly, its incredible...TURN IT UP WAY UP! F*ck your neighbours!

Taken from his EP 'RYU' released today you need this in your playlists! I'm not asking you, I'm telling you!



Raise the roof and raise the dead | Mr J. Cobra Esquire strikes again in a track that had been floating around in the ether since 2017. Given some venom and polish it curls its way around the new Album 'Straight ballin' the left hand path' and is a worthy addition to my top trax list. He's straight up superb in mixing those samples and his gift of bestowing us with some brutal beats makes him unrivalled in my opinion. This is a head banger and I imagine hearing this live will lift the best of roofs and may set them alight too! AMAZING!



Pursuit | Everything about the new album is absolute gold but my favourite was 'Pursuit'. Honestly could have chosen any other track to be fair but this one is a straight up vibe. I've loved SUNG for quite some time now and his last effort 'Moonlight' back in July made it to my list not least for the blindingly beautiful vocal he gifted us. This new Album 'Archium Drive' nails that classic Outrun mood we all love. Incredible stuff from an incredible artist!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW. New list next week!


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