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Another week another bunch of favs here in the Haus of Forged. We've 7 amazing tunes from the neon spectrum to suit every pallet I'm sure.

As usual if there are any tracks that you particularly love show the Artist your support, you do make a big difference,

So who covered themselves in glory this week? Let's go find out....



Sith Lord (feat Castro) | Inspired by the love of Star Wars, this is a rather listenable Retrowave track by a Duo we never knew we needed in XENNON and Castro. This is a stand-alone effort and not thought to become part of a Album release. Take a listen and hear for yourself, it’s a grower not a shower and I’m alright with that!

Young Empress

Eyes Closed | The duo from Wolverhampton UK strike again in this Retro Synthpop offering that’s sure to appeal to most tastes. Soft synths and compelling vocals abound to draw you straight into their melodic world of which I’m a willing traveller. Released via Aztec Records its certainly deserved of some real estate on your playlists.


Piazza | It literally killed me to choose just one track from DUETT’s recent Album release ‘Leisure’. It’s simply sublime from start to finish and serves to cement their standing as the kings of Chillwave in my opinion. The track I’ve chosen is such a groove and skips along at a Citypop pace that’s beyond enjoyable. Buy this Album, it’ll be regarded as a classic in years to come, mark my words!

A Dollar Underwater

In from the rain | A Retrowave pop effort from this Cali band that certainly holds it own. Its hugely listenable and the authenticity of the vocal takes it to another level. The narrative of the track tells a story of a relationship with hardships that’s determined to last forever! I’m a sucker for a vocal track with a story to tell and this has it in spades! One for your vocal playlist! Enjoy it, I did!


Friends again | This is the first of two singles to kiss our ears on the run up to the release of his new Album ‘Mainframe’ and my god if this is a sample of what is about to come than sign me up! The track itself has those dark and gritty basslines that I adore and whilst just a tad different from what he’s release up to now its at its heart quintessentially Wavershaper and I love him all the more for it!

Glitch Black

Penumbra | Glitch Black takes us on another voyage of discovery with his latest work ‘Technocracy’. Believe it or not 50% of these tracks where started in 2015 and abandoned for other projects only for him to return and give them a new lease on life and we’re all glad he did. This is his 9th studio album and each time he somehow creates aspects of his cybernetic world we’ve yet to discover but go willingly to explore. The track I’ve chosen to showcase as one of my top trax is a solid draw and appeals to my darksynth heart almost from the outset. Simply awesome!



Relic | An absolute banger at no mistake, ORAX never fails to disappoint with his creative blends of synthesised terror & atmospherics and its there in abundance for all to hear on the fresh Album offering via NRW ‘Love kills the Demon’.

I probably could have chosen any track from this Album but this one is pure grit and shows his production chops off to a T. It’s a worthy winner of my Top Trax! I’m off now to buy the album, you should to! The Power of ORAX compels you!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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