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Another week and yet another whole host of tracks for you to vibe to!!

It was a stellar week for brilliant tunes with tracks from Kavinsky, ZAYAZ, Futurecop! & straight out the gate with the first of our Synthy Christmas tunes was Droid Bishop amongst others.

Continuing tradition of course this TOP TRAX list celebrates those who could do with a little promotion considering how awesome the tracks they put out are.

There are a wealth of Artists perhaps not even on your radar yet that put in a terrific shift bringing that retro nostalgia we all crave! If any of these Artists become a new favourite of yours support and give them that boost! After all they're the soundtrack to our days and nights!

So..who got the top spot this week? Lets saddle up and find out shall we?


Outsiders | A catchy little Retrowave number from the duo that brought the fire with killer singles such as ‘Starkiller’ & ‘Cali Knights’. Released just two days ago it’s definitely one for your playlist libraries. Check it out!



Falcon Claw | A darker more sophisticated (as if the latter was at all possible) track from the wave Maestro. Space age Synth for your aural pleasure. There is no doubt in my mind that Compilerbau is up there with some of the best Producers this scene has to offer and listening to this track solidifies my belief. He’s a veritable master at layering and telling such sonic stories that your imagination just kicks into hyperdrive. Space Synth for the wave gods! Buy it!



Wild | Taken from his latest Album release ‘XX’ dropped just yesterday in fact, ‘Wild’ is as creative a production as you’re ever likely to hear. Upbeat and super sonic it’ll make you move or your money back! Don’t take my word for it of course! Stream if for yourself!



Model Citizen | The soundtrack to your 80’s darkwave dreams, it speaks to my very soul and I love it. It’s sinister & drama filled with a delectably morbid after-taste that lingers long on the palette. Play it loud and let your inner nihilist out for 5 minutes! You know you want to.



Particles | Nothing pleases me more than Artists stepping a little outside their comfort zone and absolutely smashing it! This is one of these cases. A House number that takes me back to the dancefloors of the 90’s and is as uplifting as you’re likely to get and for anyone who loves their dance music this will keep that heart pumping! It’s joyous!



Crazy like that | The Arcade strike back in another Retrowave belter for your playlist libraries. With that contemporary twist it’s such a pleasant listen and produced wonderfully. As a follow up to a previous top track ‘Jukebox Cake’ they’re fast becoming a safe pair of hands for that retrowave fix and I’m here for it!



Navigator | Taken from the recently released Album ‘Holograms’ this Manchester based retrowave Artist has hit a veritable home-run with this track and I cannot get enough of it. It’s style and production is such a pleasure to listen to. I can sense that the Artist was somewhat influenced by Kalax and that’s a great thing. This is undoubtedly a well-crafted track that deserves your streams!




Warriors | Happened on this track quite by chance and what an absolute banger it is! It’s an absolute triumph and I cannot get enough of it. There’s undoubted The Midnight influences in this track but somehow vibes better, stronger even. Those wanting their retrowave fix will fall as much in love with this song as I have and it’s a worthy winner of my Top Track of the week!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Compilation via RED MANOR RECORDS - Own it now for Christmas!

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