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Rejoice fair Synthians for we have another helping of Top Trax for you to enjoy. This particular bunch is eclectic to say the least but no one can accuse me of putting all my xenomorph organism incubation cocoons into one Queens lair so to speak!

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

So who rules the roost this week? Let's find out shall we?


JNNY COBRA | Nights In Hell (The Anti Everything And Everyone Song)

This Artist continues to demonstrate why there is simply no one out there like him right now. His infectious brand of dark synth continues unabated in this track which is the first single from his new EP. It'll no doubt amass an army along the border of your eardrums on Friday 25th February to invade your wallet. Best you obey!

ROXI DRIVE | Make me scream

Composed by Glen Jevon this is the catchiest tune performed by the enigmatic Roxi Drive I've heard in quite awhile. It's feels so authentically 80's I was waiting for Casey Kasem to butt in and ruin the recording on my 80's JVC boombox. Glen also shot the video which is a total vibe to watch. Posted below. This track is one for the dancefloor no doubt. I'll see you there!

VVMPYRE | Offering feat Caitlin Stokes

I'm all about this sound lately, from Vandal Moon to Male Tears & back again this track gives its all & I love it. Caitlin & VVMPYRE are a match made in the seductive realms of the underworld. Caitlin's vocal weaves around the majestically produced track by VVMPYRE like a mud snake through frost tipped branches and I found myself going back for more. Sublime!

FALCO FURY | Falco's Ghost

Serving as the final theme for the short film 208X, “Falco’s Ghost” packs as much cyberpunk energy into a singular drop as possible. The track in of itself is a total mind movie and pure escapism if even a little short at just 2mins 27 seconds but somehow I get the impression that Fury is a man who believes in leaving you wanting more and I can get on board with that!

NIGHT HABITS | Broken clocks

Dreamwave for days, just a stunning track. It's a night drive through neon lit rain soaked city streets. This band from Moscow leave it all on the table with this track which has a one eighth real estate listing on their Album 'So Many Light's released on the 18th February. That aside the track itself was previously released in Aug '21 but totally deserves your plays. It's packed full of emotion and I love it.

MASSIVE Z + JACKET. | Letting go

If you like your Synthwave with a slice of attitude then look no further than this track. This is Massive Z’s first musical collaboration with our resident Synthwave Maestro Jacket. and it delivers in spades. The heart pumping drum beats pick you up and move you in the best possible way whilst the dreamy soundscapes let you down ever so gently. It's a fantastic track! Get it!

S⃞   I⃞   N⃞   G⃞   L⃞   E⃞ O⃞   F⃞    T⃞   H⃞   E⃞    W⃞   E⃞   E⃞   K⃞

DANZ CM | Idea of you

Formerly COMPUTER MAGIC this lady has just served up what for me will undoubtedly feature in my year end round ups its that good! There's so much power and emotion in this track it's impossible to condense it into a few short sentences. This track is on her newest Album release 'The Absurdity of Human Existence' which was released on the 2nd February. The whole Album is certainly worth your time! Aural Art!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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