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Straight off the back of a wonderfully successful weekend for Forged in Neon with the release of our very first Synthwave compilation via Red Manor Records we have some real gems for our Top Trax list.

It's a bit more of a chill list today, whether that's a Summer thing it's hard to know but a refreshing change nonetheless,

So who claimed victory? Let’s dive in to that refreshing neon pool and find out


Falco Fury

Highway Hypnosis | A beautiful chill track punctuated by distinct bells throughout this is a perfect accompaniment to your lounge by the pool. Take a listen and see what you think

*Song not on Spotify at this time

Other tracks....


Anomaly | Atmospheric and ethereal this track is a whole mood with an unescapable vibe. It instantly cleanses your mind and lifts you up. Just sublime. For those who like their chill wave ice cold, get it!


Far Away | This is Glowline’s first foray onto my top trax list and what a way to open your account. ‘Far away’ is an impressive track and effortlessly produced. The Helsinki native has been busy this month to say the least with another track released just yesterday (18th July) in fact with Forged favourite Millennium Falck called ‘Last Dance’. Don’t sleep on this guy!

Maxx Parker & GeoVoc

Cloudscape | A collab for the ages, Maxx joins forces with GeoVoc for his 3rd Single ‘Cloudscape’. Atmospheric production married with the other worldly beautiful vocals of GeoVoc make this such a treat to listen to. It’s earthy and crammed full of Nostalgia and worthy of some real estate on your playlists.


Frozen Falls | Immaculately produced this beautifully sentimental and mostly instrumental track by YATTE hits all the right notes. It’s as easy listening as easy listening gets and before you know it it’s over. Story of my life really! This gentleman keeps surprising us with these finely polished gems and I for one think he’s a real treasure! Listen now

The 2D Cat

On My Own | A chippy little Synth effort that will set the pulses racing. It’s a treat to listen to and harps back to the vocal Synthwave hits of yore. It’s endearing and with each play you’re bound to like it more and more.


⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Jacket. Feat The Last Years

Alive | Some epic Synthwave involvement in this track by the effortlessly awesome Jacket. With The Last Years on vocals and mastered by Bobby Vickery of Syst3m Glitch fame this was destined to be a cracker from the start and I’m so glad my ears didn’t betray me. It’s a powerful lament and the pure emotion transcends the synths to deliver something quite powerful which had me reaching for that play button quite a few times.

Congrats guys – You’re my Forged single of the week!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter coming real SOON! New Podcast Ep 3 on the way.

Forged in Neon Compilation just dropped with some huge Synth Names never before seen on the one album, you can't miss this! On sale now click here

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