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Its been about 10 or so days since I last published a list but alas time and tide wait for no man and I have the most stunning picks for you this week!

A plethora of 9 tracks to serve you this week to suit most tastes! Of late I'm loving the genre bending sounds that provide total escapism and any one of my choices could have clinched the top spot, who did though? Well scroll on down to find out....

NEOSLAVE feat Aeon Rings

Special kind of Gun | Powerful, emotive and absolutely stunning, if this track is a sign of things to come from Neoslave's new Album release 'Unparallel' then sign me up! The vocal stylings of Davey Partain is like blackstrap molasses being dripped into your ear cavities! Just...sublime! I pray you like this track as much as I do, if you don't..well there's no accounting for taste!



Sunset Harbour | With other more well established Artists Last Action Hero from Nottingham UK stands relatively tall even if he's been around a relatively short period of time. The solid wall of incredible sound he creates is not lost on a Synth fan like me and to that end I couldn't not bring his latest creation to the table. His newest Album 'China Town Ghosts' was released on the 10th September and continues the narrative he's created in the John Wagner Saga with this Album being the 2nd instalment after the 1st success of 'Cop Movie'.

Honestly could have chosen a number of different tracks of this Album but the one that stood out was 'Sunset Harbour'. A glorious romp of a track, a pedal to the metal vibe and packed with those 80's synth sounds we all enjoy. In fact it does feel like something you may have heard in those buddy cop movies or TV Shows from yesteryear which gives it that fun element. Take a listen for yourselves and see what you think!



Coney Island | A vibe rich chill synth sound for the ages, its a beautiful track with so much promise that I was compelled to place it on my top trax list for this week. The track itself has some real estate on this French Artist's new Album 'Outatime' released on the 12th September via Neon Retro Records, do yourselves a favour and download it to your playlists!



Montrose | Coming October 1st is another keepsake from everyone's favourite fanged Dad. His eagerly awaited next Album 'Sanguine' is about to drop and it's first single release is a dreamy, synthtastic effort in 'Montrose'. Packed full of Sax and Guitar like all incredible Synth tracks should this is such an enjoyable effort from VSD and makes me look forward to the album even more. Take a listen below and see what you think! Pre-order now!



Purple Whale | Oh you don't know who these guys are? Well, get to know them! From the Lazerdiscs stable comes a tale of underwater dystopia in 'Purple Whale'. It's an all consuming electronic soundscape that will leave you breathless. You feel it's raw power from the very beginning. It's a tale from their strobe lit mind and I love every second of it. If you like your punk cyber and your bass dirty this one's for you! Listen now..go on DIVE IN!



Control (Chapter 1) feat Iyes Keen | Sublime track from UNCOVER feat the US Singer Iyes Keen. It's retro sensibilities are unmistakable with the track giving me those Visage 'We fade to Grey' vibes. The vocal is pitched perfect and is a perfect dichotomy to the undercurrent of darkness that swells within the tracks soundscape. It's astonishing to think that this is the first collaborative effort between this pairing and it's fair to assume it won't be the last, well at least I hope it won't. Aztec Records sure know how to spot a good thing when they hear it! The track is available now for download, do your ears a favour!



BSOD | What a debut Album! Kodachrome Cowboy is here to stay with an absolutely powerful effort in his new release 'Experiment Lab'. It was quite a job to narrow it down to just one track to showcase for my top trax format this week which goes to show you how fantastic I think this debut album really is! This South African is part of the Outland Recordings stable and it blows my mind that for the most part he isn't as generally well known. With that being said this is a fantastic effort and the track chosen though hard won amongst other gems won out! Loved it! Hope you do to...take a listen below!



Scattersonic | A funk driven effort by this Finnish powerhouse that will make you move or else! It's as sharp as a tack and has vibes for days. It has those sonic nuts and bolts made famous by those Androidesque French Electronic Masters with a pinch of Outrun to season. You're going to want to own this one! Trust me!



Friends Again | Few words excite me in this genre other than 'New Waveshaper Album' and just like your favourite postman he keeps delivering those goods with the latest offering to the Alter of Synth being no exception. With rich soundscapes offering not just great tracks but a solid listening experience it captures the very heart of the retro genre. It's confident, well produced and adds another dimension to an already stellar library of content that our friend Electric Waveshaper is known all to well for.

The track Friends Again is the lead actor of tracks in an otherwise stellar cast and I have no doubt in my mind that we'll still be talking about this Album this time next year! It's that good...



Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW

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