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After a 2 week hiatus and fresh from our first Synth Event in the UK we're back to bring you the best tunes that in our opinion deserve that coveted wider audience!

There's a great mix of different Synth styles this week, so who nabbed top spot? Let's dive on in and find out...

Don Dellpiero

Starship of Love | A gorgeous Dreamwave track with a generous slathering of that sax we all love. Thoroughly listenable and another tidy track from the Don. Love it!



Space Oddkitty | A new album has been unleashed upon the masses and it's solid gold. Just when you think Cat Temper reaches his peak as a musician it appears he's only half way up and climbing and I for one love the journey this Cat has taken. This time we go to space where 2 Catsronauts go on an ameowsing adventure to an otherwordly realm and this album charts their journey through music. 'Space Oddkitty' in an obvious nod to the thin white duke is my stand out from the album if even for the additive hooks and soundscape it delivers, it's great! Available now on digital pre-order, all Physical releases sold out within 24 hours!



Moving | They released their long awaited 1st Album 'House Plants' this week and what an absolute triumph it is. The track 'Moving' is one of several I could have chosen as a top track but it's as infectious as you like and serves some down home retro vibes you cannot help but shimmy along to!



Dr. Menard | Our clean cut synth hero takes a dark turn with his new EP 'Giallo' and I for one love the atmospherics in this. The first track of this Album 'Dr.Menard' gives me pretty much everything I need to hear in a track. Solid hooks and rip roaring guitar solos from the one and only Dimi Kaye. Awesome!



Love ain't good enough | Produced by Popcorn Kid this track gives me those 'Ain't Nobody' Chaka Khan vibes and I'm cashing in. It's a great track and is as addictive as popcorn! Funny that! Rob's inimitable vocal style curves right round this track and picks you up like an Arcade grab machine and drops you right in the middle of that dancefloor! Vibes galore and 100% retro, love this one, you will too!



The girl from nowhere | Unmistakable 80's vibes abound to make this a fantastic listen not least for Shenwalkers vocal which is always a hit for me but for also that pure retro sound that Satori produces that bleeds neon. A must have for my playlist it should certainly be on yours too!



BMX Chase | The soundtrack of your dream BMX escape this is a straight up vibe that's as addictive as you like! Catchy hooks and an unmistakable retro soundscape, it's great!



Oil Thirsty | Like slow crude winding through boiling veins this track pulsates and sets the mood. It's dark industrial soundscapes envelope the listener as it takes you on a drone flight over a cyberpunk landscape laid to waste. Masked is noted as saying that this track "took a really long time to make, with production starting in the beginning of 2020, even before the Showdown LP release" going on to say "It's one of the songs that I've put the most work into." It's easy to see why with such rich sonic layers and samples from both the Artist and Video games. It's a stellar work of aural art that should be listened to by everyone who's tastes are a shade or two darker than most!



The Portal | Says something for an Artist that when you see posts or chat to fellow Synth fans they all seemingly have a different favourite from this Danish talent's new Album 'Origins'. In all it's cinematic brilliance the one track that stood out to me was 'The Portal'. It's rich & moody with everything you'd love in a track as you metaphorically float through time and space! The whole album is a welcome return to the grid from the absolute force that is Dynatron and long may he reign!




Bloodsport | This track hits your chest cavity like a 15Ib sledgehammer yet you'd stand there and willingly take it! It's solid and brutal and I love every second! It's vibe soaked cyberpunk richness delivered as Power Glove and Tokyo Rose know how. Buy this damn track now and play it loud! Undoubtedly deserves my pick of the week!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW. New list end of October

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