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The time is here once again to dive into those cool neon waters and retrieve the best of the best that in our opinion deserves some promotion.

As is always the case taste is subjective but judging on how well these TOP TRAX have been received it's little wonder that some Artists see exponential growth in sales and subscribers and that to me is all it's ever been about!

It was a stellar few weeks for releases and for the first time ever there are 3 top spot slots!! So who claimed them this week? Let's find out........


Gloria | Says something for his new Album 'Monsterman' when pretty much any of the tracks listed could be a contender but I have to say this song shades it. It's retro sensibilities and lyrical intent encapsulate and serve the listener a brilliantly produced well balanced track that would fit snugly into any discerning retro fans playlist!


Forza | I've been a fan of this Artist for quite awhile now and he continues to serve us his own unique truth in aural form. It's fair to say that this powerhouse from Toronto produces for the sheer love of it and this track oozes brilliance. He's never one for convention with each track serving something alternate and new. Whilst some are out their whinging about the lack of originality in the scene producers like Z ΛY ΛZ are still playing the game and winning! Get on his wavelength!



Bright (The Millenium Falck remix) | A absolute toe tapper but then what more can you expect from a FF & MF collab for the ages. It's a terrific retrowave track and certainly one for your playlists. You don't need to take my word for it of course, buy/stream it yourself and form your own opinion!



Lighthouse | Taken from their upcoming new and rather cleverly entitled Album 'Oneiros' Honeybeard are back stronger than ever with a track that slaps so hard it stings! The pulsating beat surrounds you upon listening and the over-riding narrative of hope sung so beautifully by the lead Gaz opens the gates for the frisson of energy the song gives off. It's honestly sublime and an amazing sign of what's to follow!



Divine virus | Essenger continues his Cyberpunk odyssey in a track crammed full of twisted metal and planet shattering bass. It's sinister and dread full in the best possible way and I'm here for every second of it! Buy it then turn it up! WAY UP



Abomination of Planet X | The French do it better, never mind the Italians! Sorry not sorry. What an incredible track, taken from the new album 'The Age of the Saucers' it will rip your face clean off and wear it for fashion! Listen at your own peril and perhaps have your plastic surgeon on speed dial! You have been warned.



The Last Past | The V64 Guys have released another stormer in 'The Last Past'. A well crafted slice of Retrowave that even a passing fan could get on board with. I've thoroughly enjoyed their growth since happening upon their brilliant 'Gas Station Breeze' EP some time ago. Don't sleep on this band!




Fuck the System | Taken from 'The Digital Life of Xanye Quest' RWR is the undisputed King of groove in a track that is a straight up vibe! I can almost hear this sound reverberating off the Dance Club walls as you drag your own ass to the dancefloor flipping the bird at anyone who looks at you sideways! It's a total mood and I'm here for it! Gimme the sleaze pleassssssseeee! Awesome work RWR!



Versus the Alpha (feat We are Magonia) | A knock down, drag out out feast for the aural senses. It's a near total assault on your ears and there's no defence strong enough to counter. Amazing work!



Uprising (feat Tim Cappello) | Aeronexus turns in an incredible shift in what is undoubtedly his most strongest release to date bar none. I've been privileged to see the growth of Aeronexus as an artist since the start and he's truly come into his own with this astonishing release. It's a slightly softer side to him to a degree than I've seen in previous releases but his willingness to defy the path he's set himself and try something fresh and exciting is why I'd consider him an Artist with incredible fortitude & staying power! With an added Tim Cappello on sax this will set your stereo alight! Sublime!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Compilation via RED MANOR RECORDS - Own it now for Christmas!

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