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An absolute stellar bunch of tracks for your delectation this week. The year has started so strong that I have high expectations of the great output in 2022 from some known and some not so known Artists.

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!!

So who is the King or Queen of the clubs this week? Let's dive on in and find out!



This Ohio Duo dropped a rhythmic blast of Synth in their Album 'Audible Reflections' in January and the first track is pure Synthpop brilliance in my opinion. Of the entire Album of gems this is a stand out for me as it's as infectious as you like with the catchiest of melodies. 'Hold your body' is one for the dancefloor, I'll see you there.


Not content with being a fantastic radio host our Heartbeat Hero can wield a DAW to! Having dropped an intensely personal album 'Star Child' last week crammed full of influences to include Bladerunner & 80's training montages my pick of the week is his fabulous track 'Synthwave Memory'. As tracks go its longer than some but you cannot help but get swept away in it's space like majesty. Great work!


Darfoulds bursts straight out of the gate and down the side of the mountain in this absolute stomper of a track. The rock elements which weave around the synths serve to elevate this track to incredible heights. If you fail to move to this track I'd check your pulse as you may very well be dead! If this is the sign of this to come from this Artist in 2022 then sign me up! Track is streaming everywhere now


Taken from their soon to be released new Album 'Still Dreaming' is the single 'Night Waves' and what an intro to what I'm sure will be an amazing album. It's as atmospheric as you like and masterfully produced. It's that pure night drive feel which this has in spades. The guitar that is stitched into the fabric of this track elevates it to new heights and had me going back for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th listen. Great job guys!


A darker more refined L'Avenue awaits as he emerges from the shadows with this wonderous progression in sound 'Midnight Chase'. He takes a sonic palette and paints a bold picture which draws you in from the first few bars. The darker synth textures give this track immeasurable body and sit like fine red wine on blood red lips. Awesome, but I expect nothing less from this man!


'Give me a reason' is the 1st track off the new album 'The Runner (Original Soundtrack)', released January 21st, 2022. Boy Harsher’s 5th release is not a traditional album ⁠— it’s the soundtrack to a short horror film written, produced, and directed by the duo titled 'The Runner' which was released last month. This moody synth laced track is a must to listen to and hits all the right notes. I love it!


Future 80's Records have certainly developed a knack for finding and polishing absolute diamonds in Artists and TYCONIC is no exception. The titular track to the Album 'Driftliner' is as vibe rich as you like with those 80's Film feels you just cannot escape. I will always have an innate love for Artists who with their craft can have you paint literal soundscapes in your mind! Album is out now via Future 80's. GET IT!


Dark retro electro vibes for your ear cavities, Runaway Droid stops running long enough to serve us this absolute gem that would punch a hole through the space time continuum. It warps its way around your ear drums and draws you in and for those who like their darksynth this one is right in your tractor beams just open the playlist portal and let it in. The 4 track EP was released 2 weeks ago, take a look!

S⃞   I⃞   N⃞   G⃞   L⃞   E⃞ O⃞   F⃞    T⃞   H⃞   E⃞    W⃞   E⃞   E⃞   K⃞


An evolved Waveshaper comes striding through the turnstiles in bipedal motion in this sublime anthemic track that I've had on repeat since it's release. I was strangely drawn to the undercurrent which had me thinking about Kavinsky's 'Odd Look' track sans The Weeknd circa 2013 but with that said this is quite possibly Waveshapers best track and I don't say this lightly as he's had many gems! Totally deserved my pick of the week!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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