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What an incredible last week I've had notwithstanding the fab trip to see some of my favourite people in Bristol but there's been a packed succession of new releases to sift through which has been a blast.

Tough one to narrow down in fairness but I think I've chosen 8 of the very best!

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

So who grabbed the top step?.....scroll on down to find out!


Lazerdiscs are at it again with this absolute banger from the French Artist ACE WAFT. A Cyberpunk screamer with more attitude than a rebellious teenager! The track itself seems more like a game of two halves as midway you're treated to a bit of respite (if you could call it that) in some masterful synth strokes marinated in a Space like juice This track is stitched together by some fine metallic thread and is wonderfully produced. GAME ON!


A thumping 80's infused track with a great hook that'll get you movin' or your money back. There's no escaping the Outrun influence in this but the breakbeats take me right back to the land of windmills, jackhammers, air flares and hand hops. At 3 minutes even it seems like a blink and you miss it affair but in an age were we're all to used to the opus this is about as refreshing as it gets. Proving beyond doubt it's never quantity but quality!


PYLOT never ceases to amaze in his abilities to reach into your feels bag and give it a little tug on the drawstring. Featuring the vocal stylings of Ezra Hyte this is without doubt a soaring aural triumph with just that little bit of shade to paste the narrative to the walls of your mind as you imagine the protagonist combing the warm rain beaten streets pining after a love lost...or is she? A sublime track & worthy of your playlists!


It says something for an Artist when you could pick literally any track of the new EP 'Deathtouch' for the top spot and remain happy with your choice. Shadowrunner proving once more with feeling that he's up there with the best of them. This particular track 'Survivor' is just so enjoyable I had to showcase it not least for the absolute shredtastic movements of the incomparable DIMI KAYE that leaves that guitar drip all over the track to add an incredible extra layer to an already stellar track! Good job guys!


Assured and driven and probably bold to say but this is an altogether grown up 'Beckett' and I cannot get enough! For those who are serious about Synth you would have certainly come across some previous tracks from the maestro himself but whilst he has two feet planted firmly in the 80's as always he seems to have entered into a new era with this track. Seductive and masterfully produced, it's musical velvet, put it on!


More 80's than Magnum P.I pulling into Outrun Gas to fill up his Ferrari GTS and bumping into Sonny Crockett as he exits whilst Phil Collins 'In the Air tonight' is on blast as he drives by in his Daytona Spyder. In fact the whole album is a literal 80's tonic served chilled. A treat for the ears and certainly worth the time of anyone who has an innate love for everything 80's like me! The title track is pure fun but listen to the entire album!


The entire Album 'LAZARUS MACHINE' is a Cyberpunk fantasy laid bare. Its a veritable smash & grab of your senses as you race to catch up with the frenetic and all consuming pace of it. The entire Album held me in palm of its cold metallic hand but I chose 'Assimilation' for it's mind bending energy. If I was to chose one soundtrack to pump as I drove my battle ready 4x4 through the shifting sands of a Cybernetic landscape this would be it!


Nothing puts a fire in my belly more than soaring Synths packaged with as much grit as you can pave a motorway with. This track is balls to the wall Electro and delivered as strong as you like by the guys over at Nouveau Arcade. I'm quite simply in love with their emotive sound. Effortlessly cool with a powerful vocal this track will resonate with you for hours after listening. It's a definite must for your playlists, stream it now, your ears will thank you!

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