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Another week, another stellar TOP TRAX list for your ears to be kissed with!

There's been some great releases so it was a tough job to narrow it down but I did my best to bring you what in my opinion were tracks of great quality.

Who grabbed that top spot this week? Let's dive on in and find out...



Excess | Haunting and ultimately melodic this is a new cover of 'Excess' which was one of my favourite tracks from Perturbators New Album release ' Lustful Sacraments' hits every single note and is an entire mood. It's turned me onto 'HEALTH' in a big way and there's nothing I enjoy more than discovering something new to serenade my vantablack soul. Take a listen!


DADDYBEAR (feat Grabyourface)

Science Fiction | This is the pairs second venture onto my Top Trax list having burrowed their way in with the deliciously sordid track 'Teenage Lust'. This release whilst somewhat paired back is just sublime and married with that amazing smokey vocal of Grabyourface it's forms the soundtrack of your strobe lit mind as the beat consumes you! Great stuff!



Always Running | Well, its been a minute since we had some new music to listen to from this duo who reside in the City of Angels and they didn't disappoint! A fast paced belter it's certainly one for your car as you're scorching the asphalt at 90mph+. Love it!



Tape Drive | Following on from their stunning debut EP 'Gas Station Breeze' this track is one of 12 that form the backbone to a full length Album due for release on the 21st September 'Starset'.

The tones in this track are altogether quite beautiful and paint a pretty Chillwave picture. If this is the sound of things to come I'm pushing my chips to the middle of the table, it may be about time we bet on Vulkari64. Your move Synthfam...



Dark Waves 2 | Anmeon is an Artist that keeps on serving it up in the best possible way. He's featured on my Top Trax List before and its no wonder with gems like this pumping from my stereo. This is a track I simply couldn't ignore and it serves to cement for me why I'm such a fan of this guy in the first place! I understand there has been a couple of tracks since which have been great but this one?....*chefs kiss*



Silver Screen | Lets face it we're all over here "lost in the labrinth" of this droids energy. The Retro Soundscapes are unmatched and command you move. Following on from his spellbinding Album 'Music' this track is absolutely sublime just as addictive to listen to.



LPR Nights | From their recent EP release 'Skies Ajar' this Finnish due never fail to impress with some of the catchiest Retrowave this side of Turku Castle. The track is great, it digs its heels in and holds on tight. It's full of pure grit set to a pulsating Synth beat that's ultimately infectious and I really dig it! NIce work guys!



Blessed be | The cult of GOST abounds in this darkly flavoured rich tapestry of digestible sounds and unwitting charm as it weaves its way around the canals of your mind. There's a defined sense of self in this release and whilst its vastly different to the metallic soundscapes of his earlier tracks this I feel is where is damned black heart lies, you feel the passion and I'm loving every second of it! The whole album 'Rites of Love & Reverence' is in my humble opinion some of the best work he's ever done and the track 'Blessed be' more than worthy of my pick of the week!



Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW

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