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Another jam packed list for you today. You're going to find a heck of a lot of varied styles here but I don't think I'd be doing justice to the scene over-all if I didn't showcase what in my opinion is some of the best synth based tracks there is out there right now to digest!

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

IMMORTAL GIRLFRIEND | Beams (I know you love me)

The Synth magicians from Milwaukee continue unabated in another synthtilating release in 'Beams'. It's a hypnotizing track masterfully produced as only Immortal Girlfriend know how! There's something so ultimately satisfying in listening to what these gents craft and you know your ears are in good hands with every release! Just wonderful...

BERNSCHNEIDER | Neon Loneliness

Awhile back I had stuck a metaphorical pin in Bernschneider as he'd impressed from the very outset with the single 'Escape from Tokyo' released just two months prior and here he is again paying off those dividends in another fantastic track 'Neon Loneliness'. Packed with atmospherics it's definitely one for your playlists!


Beepy boopy goodness from one of the kings of Chiptune. It's as intense and energetic as you're likely to get and such a great crowd pleaser if ever I heard one. WOFS has long been on my Synth gig bucket list to go see and with tracks like this is it any wonder? Go give this guy all the support you can and play this one loud! Treat yo self!

OVERNIGHT WAVES | Time bomb ticking

You cannot get more eclectic than a Brazilian and Italian Synthwave project based in Dublin, Ireland and what a find they are! Their newest album 'Too Young to Die' is jam packed full of marauding synths and metal influences that it's hard not to be drawn into the world they've created for themselves. 'Time bomb ticking' is a ride, check it out!

CONNÖR & Dark Smoke Signal | Watch 'em burn

There was a noticeable shift in the time space continuum when these two giants of darksynth collided to generously gift us with a track that slaps harder than Will Smith at the Oscars! It's filthy and crawls over your skin to reside in your eardrums in all its infectious glory! If you like your tracks with a copious amount of grit & savagery look no further!

SWEELY | Chi-town shuffle

This'll come as a surprise to you as much as it did to me but who doesn't want an impressive helping of beats for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This track has that distinct 80's Electro beat flavour, a 21st Century throwback and heralds those dance floor days (& nights) of baby freezes & windmills (look it up). A gem of a track to make you move!

AXION | Facing an Army of unstoppable Killer Robots

AXION comes roaring out the gate with a track that'll assault your eardrums in the best possible way. It's a knock down drag out bouquet of sounds dripping in grit and when it's done leaves it's number on your Bathroom mirror in steam. It's impossible not to move to this track. My advice is to put the cat (or dog) outside and turn it up!


An ethereal breathless beautiful vocal by Cordélia weaves its way around the pulsating synths in this outstanding track. It's soaring melody will lift the hardest of hearts but all the while the narrative of the lyrics shrouded in torment will make you engage with it that bit more if you haven't done so already due to the mastery of it's production!


I'm convinced Ben Macklin has that 21st Century midas touch when it comes to musical projects. Not content with the consistent majesty of tracks his other quite notable project produces 'DUETT' he sets out another musically rich stall in ALPIINE and it's unmitigated joy set to music. Waves is stunning, the whole album is a must have!

NIGHTFLYER | Sanctuary

A dream sequence set to music, it's quite simply divine. In a world gone mad this track affords you that 'sanctuary' as you close your eyes and drift. It takes you on a mystical journey shrouded in pastel colours and moon lit waves. You can almost feel the warm sand and cool breeze as you sip your favourite cocktail and relax. Gorgeous.....

THOUGHT BEINGS | Trailblazer

Shades of Roland Orzabal in Orions vocal delivery in this one & I'm all the way in. Without doubt Thought Beings deliver consistently & it's a mystery to me that they haven't taken over the world yet! With that said this track is a literal heavy weight, different but in an outstanding way & a masterclass in production. There's few bands I look forward to more for new releases! Gloriously Addictive!


Bruts 2nd full length Album 'Leather Terror' is an aural feast of flesh laid bare as only he knows how. The entire Album is asylum wall to asylum wall of pure metal synth fantasy and I adore it. There is vast amount to unpack from this Album from industrial rock, EDM, straight up Synth with a twist, metal and everything in between. 'Lipstick Masquerade feat Persha' had me at hello . Take a bow you fxcking musical genius!

Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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