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Another stellar week of TOP TRAX beckons.

I had a bit of a task narrowing down the field but I think you'll like the choices that I've made. As usual if you like any of the Artists go support them.

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

So who's king (or Queen) of the hill?.....Let's find out shall we?



Full of angst and delivered like a punch to the solar plexus this is absolute rage with an addictive pulsating beat served straight to your eardrums in just under 5 minutes. The added undercurrent here is of course that the talent that is Blazerjacket is from Kyiv in the Ukraine currently experiencing unmitigated hell at the hands of Russia, so please support were you can.


There's something to be said for an Artist that pours his heart out in a track which makes you feel every single nuance. The Golden Hour achieves this and then some with this sublime dream like melody that draws you in almost from the very start. His vocal entirely in falsetto weaves around the pulsating beats and delivers a haunting effort that at it's heart is a message related to the complexities of leaving the past behind. Just gorgeous...


A stylish beat paired with a fantastic vocal Anniee continues unabated in this fantastic single 'Hide the Sun'. It's undoubtedly radio friendly and the track itself does deliver a powerful positive message about finding light in the darkest of times which given the narrative of late in the world is something we could all do a little bit more of. Powerfully produced it's 80's at heart with that quintessential 21st century sheen us retrowavers enjoy! Nice


I'm fast becoming a Jnny Cobra fan girl, it's ok I can admit it, I've taken my medication. Jokes aside and as mentioned in other takes there's simply no one else out there like him right now and he knows it! This effort pairs him with Dimi Kaye who shreds like an absolute beast on guitar to deliver such an edge to this track that it would cut you if you got too close. JNNY COBRA's new album is out on the 25th March, check it out!


Released March 4th HOLON delivers a masterclass in production in his new Album 'The Evolution Of Complexity'. "Cyberpunk with a touch of deep space exploration" awaits and it's a total aural experience from start to finish. The track I picked for this list is nothing short of outstanding, it's certainly laced with what he suggests is "synth retroism" and definitely worthy of your playlists in my opinion. Great work!


This is a dark foreboding track that has bears all the hallmarks of a Neo-Noir 80's soundtrack to a movie or TV show you think you may have seen. In the round I don't think he's been on the scene all that long but you don't have to be out 10 or more years to have made an impact and I feel there's a ton more to come from this Artist that'll cement his standing in the pantheons of Synth. I for one will certainly listen with interest.


2 years after the critically acclaimed 'Retrochrome II' EP comes another aural sensation in 'Coastline'. There's no doubting Brandon is an incredible producer but this entire EP is dunked in the warm waves of the Pacific & laid out to dry beneath the palm trees in an early evening sun. The track I've chosen is 'Coastline' which gets the jump on the EP & it's sublime from the start, much like the whole EP, stream & enjoy!

S⃞   I⃞   N⃞   G⃞   L⃞   E⃞ O⃞   F⃞    T⃞   H⃞   E⃞    W⃞   E⃞   E⃞   K⃞


I just can't with this guy, apart from being beyond gifted as a producer he doesn't take himself too seriously and always seems to make the most engaging music there is on the scene right now. Can we take a moment to chat about what I consider to be thee most under-rated vocals on the scene though? I don't believe he's credited enough with his outstanding vocal ability. There isn't enough superlatives in the world for this track, it makes me smile! I love it!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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