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Ahoy Forgers, it's been a minute since I last updated you on what sent my Synth loins a quiver.

As usual we have some awesome pics for your aural please today with 11 new nuggets to shoehorn into those all important playlists!

Once again it was a close one to choose my absolute pick of the bunch but as always I'd a fun time doing it!

In an effort to hopefully increase subs on Artists respective You Tube Channels if any new track is accompanied by a video I'll post that to! Be sure to sub to their channel to get all the latest releases!! Also tap the pics next to the reviews to get straight to that track you like!

So who nabbed bragging rights this week? Scroll on down to find out!


A little bit of a departure from their previous works but no less brilliant L.G.F are at it again with a shiny new single that cuts through the contemporary and delivers a track that bends and weaves around you whilst you listen. It's layers of pure quality with beats that punch well above their weight to keep you hooked throughout. They're no stranger to my top trax list but to be fair qualify will always win out. Tap the pic to listen/buy.


A super little Synthwave number that'll have the purists dancing in the aisles. With beats that punch harder than a MARK IV Cyber Commando you'll want to own this one. There's no doubting the producing prowess of Vector Hold and anyone in doubt can just turn this on then turn it up to be proved wrong. It's 4 minutes 30 seconds of feel good fun in a track and who doesn't want oodles of that in this day and age!

KIDBURN - Love in the times of Death | DELUXE VERSION - out now


An ethereal vocal which weaves its way through this track like fine silk thread it skips along at pace to deliver a quintessential toe-tapper and worthy of your summer time synth playlists as you drive to the coast with the top down. It's got that retro feel that us Synth-pop lovers will enjoy with a melodic sensibility that can be missing in a lot of tracks these days but this hits just right! Fans of Wolfclub will like this one.


A sizzling summer disco number that is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day. Vibe rich with a retro spin that got me thinking of those 80's disco numbers by Sam Fox, Sabrina and the like back in the mid 80s. Lets face it Salvia spreads the sunshine in almost everything he does and this is no different and as for Konstanza, she's incredible and one to watch!


This track held me in the palm of its hand from the very outset. I'm a sucker for those dirty beats and this track is laden with them. In fact if I'm being honest, his album 'Time Lapse' released in June is a treasure trove of absolute gems that any discerning Synth Lover would crave even the purists! The entire Album seems marinated in that 80's sauce I crave, be kind and buy 'Rewind' heck the whole Album. Treat yourself!


I've often thought the concept of a song slap was rather cringy but now I fully understand the context of how this phrase originated because after this track I consider myself well and truly slapped. There's some glorious light and shade in this one to keep you baited to include a rather nifty guitar solo in case the kitchen sink was not enough for ya! It's got that grimy beat I love and those with darker tastes like me will like it!


The Don is back to turn up the heat in a fabulous new Album released this week 'Ocean Breeze'. The man is aural serotonin and if this single 'Italo Dreams' is anything to go by you'll be shimmying on that dancefloor as if your life depends on it. Chock full of those 80's sounds we absolutely love, I'm sure I heard shades of Bananarama 'Cruel Summer' versus Yazoo 'Don't go' in this & its the type of cool cocktail I wanna be drinkin'


L'Avenue glides through the crystal clear waters in this shimmering number that somehow carries you on it's gentle soft summer breeze of synths and carefully deposits you on cool sands as you prepare to watch the sun sink below the pastel washed horizon. It's dreamy and cleverly produced and is somewhat a departure from what this Artist has done before. Pure bliss!


Alex Lightspeed steps up to the plate and takes a swing and bats it out of the neon park with this one. An outrun stunner that when played at a significant volume may cause your foot to feel slightly heavier on the accelerator whilst the streetlights trace by in the corner of your eye. A thoroughly enjoyable track and certainly one to buy alongside the new LP which has just dropped.


The Talkbox Maestro is at it again with a number

funkier than James Brown's sweaty socks. If you don't groove to this track check your pulse because you might well be dead. An undoubted dance floor filler for the next event/gig he's about to slay and I couldn't be happier for him. It's fair to say that there's no one out there quite like this guy. Stick this in your retrowave playlists, you can thank me later!


This track is heaps of fun and throws everything but the kitchen sink at the production to give you a listening experience like no other! Drawing samples from one of my most favourite 80's movies this Artist sends you straight back to 1985 and where you're going you don't need roads just oceans of space on a neon light dance floor whilst you dance with all the co-ordination of Biff Tannen trying to land a punch! Put this in your playlists TODAY!

Produced by the incredible Robin Lights

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