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Since I started Forged in Neon two years ago it was somewhat a dream to do something akin to a Retrowave Entertainment Show, knowing the sheer volume of work that's involved I had placed that dream on ice to pursue making Forged in Neon the recognisable brand it has become today and I have a ton of people to thank for that.

Fast forward to March 31st 2022 were this dream now turns to reality in 'The 4th Sector'. A Retrowave Entertainment Show broadcast on You Tube that aims to be different with a foot firmly planted in the 80's with an eye on today. Think of your favourite MTV show when it was what it said on the tin actual MUSIC TELEVISION!

This is a collaborative effort with PopArt Avenue who've made their own mark on the scene with Michael Anthony at the helm and with them concentrating more on the Indie Scene and Forged in Neon placed square in Retrowave circles our paths crossed beautifully to give you something other than what you've seen before.

Of course we'll bring you some amazing interviews but we'll also bring you some great chat, videos, live music, quirky advertisements and more. The show will be a monthly effort to start out with, under an hour in duration and will place the Artists at the centre of it's beating neon heart.

We've had such a great response to our requests for those amazing Retrowave videos but we need more. Would you like your track played on the show? Send us a video with your Artist name and the words "Your watching The 4th Sector" and we're sure to play your track/video immediately after. The only catch is to stand out! Send your videos to | Email:

That's it, an exciting chapter is about to commence. As mentioned 31st March at a time TBC, see you at the bar!

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