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FORGED IN NEON SUBMISSIONS | Go live on the 25th September 20

If you’ve clicked on this, you’re either curious as to its content or an Artist/Musician wishing to submit a track/album/E.P for reviewing.

To streamline this process for all I’ve set out the below guidelines which will need to be strictly adhered to.

All submissions must be sent to with the following information

· Your email address

· A simple one line to say that you agree to terms (below) listed

· Your Artist Name and/or Label – making sure to spell it correctly

· A little bit about who you are and/or any links to supplement this information

· Release date*

· MP3 or MP4 file

· opt in? or opt out? (see below)

*Release date is vitally important for filing purposes.

If successful please allow the following times for your review to be processed:

Album: No later than up to 4 weeks prior to your release date

EP: No later than 3 weeks prior to release date

Track: No later that 7 days prior to release date

Note: Your track must be Synthwave, Synthpop, Darksynth or variations thereof. No Dubstep, Vaporwave or any genre that doesn’t pertain to the above please. This is just personal taste and no reflection on your work. No requests for review will be entertained via DMs on any Social Network or via the Forged in Neon Blog. This is to keep everything in its place so your request can be found and replied to.

Submitting your work for publishing on the site does not automatically entitle you to be reviewed.

If you’re successful my commitment to you is that I will respond to your mail within 72 hours with a realistic time-frame as to when to expect the review to be published. In the rare occurrence your work falls on the same day as other Artists due to be published it will be first come first served and you should expect your review a day or two later than your release date and this will be advised.

The work you do is important to me, not least for the fact that you trust and enjoy what I do and as a curator and website owner and I thank you for that. Synthwave is my whole heart and soul and as such I will give everything I have to ensure that your reviews are free from prejudice and are as honest as I can make them. I will only review works I feel have potential or that I like, free from Gate-keeping and other influences.

As such, regardless of who you are or your popularity all Artists will be treated equitably and no quarter shown in favour. Very rare exceptions will be made at my discretion.

Lastly, I’ve built exceptional friendships with Podcasters and Radio personnel in the Synthwave Genre over the years. Should your music be amazing and stand out you agree by virtue of sending your track (no album or EP) that I may be able to pass it on which may garner you some airplay. You will also by virtue of submitting your track/album/EP agree to your email address being filed by Forged in Neon. Should you wish to have your email deleted after review please ensure to opt in/out (see above)

I look forward to your submissions in the coming weeks/months and keep up the great work!

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