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Full disclosure both of these acts are part of a label I am closely related to but my interest here is to bring you Two new brief reviews that I had to share which I feel are representative in my quest to shine a light on those Artists I feel deserve a share of the spotlight.


Spectral Knight is a pseudonym of Mark Batchelor a.k.a. 'Batch', a British music producer based in Twickenham, South West London.

The Spectral Knight guise was created out of a love for all forms of electronic dance music and wanting to showcase the full spectrum without any boundaries and his new single 'Focus Every Scene' certainly continues this very momentum. With Vocals written and performed by the wonderful Roxi Drive it's an 80's retro electronic pop treat worthy of any discerning playlist.

Take a listen here:


This talented UK duo have certainly hit the ground running and at a pace. Since the release of their album 'Tokyo Recall' back in April and indeed even before then they showed real promise and their new track 'Cali Knights' confirms it.

There simply isn't enough superlatives to accurately portray the shear love for this track. It's packed with Sax and raring to go. Possibly best listened to at Night driving at 90 mph with the top down and the wind rushing through your hair! You're welcome

Hit the link to get your copy:

Watch this rad video

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