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BECKETT - 'Electric Pillow Talk' | A Review

Call me old fashioned but I love nothing more than listening to an album that commands you shake what your Momma gave ya and this album certainly does this in spades. It’s an offering that in my humble opinion has been served to us at just the right time.

Let’s face it, Becketts work is truly undeniable, the magnetic 80’s sound coupled with his strength in production guarantees that any album or track he puts out has a slice of his soul attached for good measure. There’s no doubting he stands out amongst his contemporaries in authenticity and musicianship so when you hear that there’s another album or track in the works there’s a certain sense of excitement knowing you’re in relatively good hands.

‘Electric Pillow Talk’ is lucky No. 7 on the Beckett wheel of fortune for album releases. After the Summer heat of ‘Outrun the Skyline’ there are elements of this that are quite refreshing to listen to…so let’s dive right in and give you the scoop, shall we?

The first track from this album is titled ’20 years’. It’s as perfect an opener for any Beckett Album you’re likely to find. It gives me those Don Henley ‘Boys of Summer’ 80’s synthpop vibes which is amazingly uplifting. I can see this being hugely popular on the Dance Floors of any gig Beckett is likely to play next year. It resonates a little like an aperitif before a big meal so my expectations are high. The Guitar hook is provided by Luca Ricardo, the guys shreds better than Iron Mountain! Look him up!

Next is ‘Show me what you want’ anyone who knows me knows I’m a Chromeo gal so the introduction of a talk box to any track when done right lends a certain gravitas that I’m all about! The track oozes 80’s temperament and is hugely listenable. It shows Becketts production chops off to great aplomb and furthermore tells you that he’s willing to expand his sound to keep his audience entertained, I can respect that.

The next Two tracks ‘Aerobixxx’ & ‘Zapp my heart’ are vastly different in presentation but in my opinion form the literal backbone of this album. ‘Aerobixxx’ is the first single release off the new album and it makes me feel unfit just by listening to it to be honest but in the best possible way. Its dip dyed in 80’s montage vibes and wouldn’t feel out of place in some fast-paced exercise setting. It’s a confident track that will no doubt get the crowd going.

We have a talk box encore in ‘Zapp my Heart’ and Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you it’s funkier than a dancing James Brown on edibles in Soul Train and cooler than a well diggers ass in January! Listen to it.

It don’t get much better than this’ feels more grown up as a track if I may be so bold to say. It’s by no means a criticism I just don’t know where I stand after listening to it. It doesn’t set me alight like the previous tracks but it’s still a fine track. Let’s just say, whilst the chemistry isn’t there, I’d still remain friends with it. Really liked the shades of new jack tucked into the track but overall, probably way too sophisticated for someone like me!

We’re back to nuclear levels of funk for the next track ‘Heist Talk’. The whole song is sewn together beautifully with a Bonnie and Clyde-esque vibe. It’s confident and punchy and the introduction of Rachael Jones vocal round the edges off quite nicely. Take a bow Beckett!

The remaining tracks continue at somewhat a similar pace to the start of the album and with ‘Forever is not long enough’ seeing you out the door with your metaphorical coat in its hands, this is when you know the album is nearing the finish.

With one outstanding exception ‘So much’. It’s a cocky, in your face tune that spins and glides its way around your earholes. It’s shoulder shimmies in shoulder pads time and that bass is slapped harder than a ginger stepchild! Ow…best I’ve heard from Beckett in quite a while and that’s saying something considering the sea of bangers he’s introduced us to.

Overall, the album cuts the mustard, its an enjoyable romp and to be honest does not take itself too seriously. It’s an album with an end of Summer vibe that’s just perfect for our times. after all we need something to cheer us up!

Score: 9/10

Favourite track: Tied ‘So Much’ & ‘20 Years’

Least Favourite: 'It don’t get better than this'

Electric Pillow Talk is available on your preferred streaming service from the 28th August 2020.

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