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BALCONY SUNRISE - 'Velvet Ocean'

It'll never cease to amaze me the weight of talent washing around put their in the Synth sphere.

Sometimes it pays to be in the front row seat to watch an emerging Artist spread his proverbial wings and have the bravery to step up and stand by his/her work. So grateful for this submission 'Velvet Ocean'.

Belfast-based Chill-wave producer, David Ferris, aka Balcony Sunrise weaves together the two timelines of the 1980s and modern day to create a nostalgic yet hopeful experience for his listeners.

Now, he’s gearing up to release his debut single, “Velvet Ocean”, a track inspired by the limitations of lockdown and using nature as an escape from the anxieties caused by the pandemic.

David says "Creating music is a real healer for me and so during lockdown, I got lost in the world of music production and created many demos during that time. For this track, I was inspired by visiting some of the amazing coastal areas in Northern Ireland such as Whiterocks beach. I wanted to imitate the meditating sounds of the ocean waves and so I tried to emulate that by using side-chained synth pads and a lot of white noise throughout the track"

Produced in his bedroom studio, the nostalgic single ‘Velvet Ocean’ by Balcony Sunrise is out January 22nd

Take a listen here:

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