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A Midnight Snack - New Single release 'Deep Blue'

Heralded as a return to form, this scorching sax number is certainly what The Midnight fans adore about them. It has all the elements to make for a rousing experience when they get a opportunity to play this live at some stage at a city near you. Will it carve a space in the hearts of die hard fans like Days of Thunder or Sunsets? Who knows..but the track itself is unmistakably The Midnight and will undoubtedly get your blood pumping.

This is their first single off the eagerly awaited 'Monsters' which you can pre-order here and is due out on the 10th July. Your reminded of a time of Teenage angst, passion & romance in all its glory to the backdrop of Summer and delivered with lyrical intensity and a soaring tone as only Tyler knows how,

Welcome back boys, though it feels like you never left!

Score: 9/10

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