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About Me

Ashley 'Synthronicity' Anita

I’m known as ‘Synthroncity’ in scene circles but to the normies simply as Ashley Anita.  I grew up in Ireland in that colourful decade of the 80’s immersed in a time that most people crave to replicate. I’ve been in love with the Electronic/Synth Music Scene my whole life. 

Synthwave as a genre is a love letter to these sounds of a bygone age and I found this genre quite by chance back in early 2013 in an alternative 1989 Miami on a rampage to the backdrop of pulsating beats by Perturbator & M|O|O|N.   I of course have been down the neon rabbit hole ever since! 

Nowadays I (as Synthroncity) have forged a path, travelling all over the world in my efforts to promote & support the best there is on the scene.  Held in very high esteem by an incredible roster of well-known artists, Promoters and Presenters alike I also appear on tracks by Gunship and Timecop1983. 

I have an unyielding passion for Synthwave, Darksynth & Synthpop believing that they all have a place on the Neon Spectrum and as such I have developed this site to continue bringing my unique truth. I’m also A&R for TW1 Records and interested in finding new talent to join the roster.


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